Source: Tanjug | Thursday, 29.09.2016.| 10:30
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Societe Generale opens new office building in New Belgrade – EUR 14 million invested in construction of smart facility

From the opening ceremony
Societe Generale opened its new office building in Zorana Djindjica Blvd in New Belgrade at the ceremony held on Wednesday evening, September 28. The bank had invested EUR 14 million in the facility.

The new business facility, a so-called smart building, has a capacity of 420 employees.

The facility has been built in close proximity to the head office building of Societe Generale in New Belgrade, at 48v Zorana Djindjica Blvd, and takes up more than 10,000 m2 of area. Societe Generale has raised its new building in partnership with the Imel Group and owns around 70% of the facility.

– This investment is another confirmation of our dedication to continuing to support our retail and corporate clients. In a changing environment, we will keep paying attention to our clients' needs and help them by developing innovative products and services and improving processes – stated the chairwoman of the Executive Board of Societe Generale, Maria Russeva.

She said in the presence of numerous businessmen and public figures that the changes resulted in satisfied clients and partners, which encouraged and motivated Societe Generale on its way to mutual development. Russeva pointed out that the opening of the new office building was an important financial step for Societe Generale.

She added that Societe Generale was open to new business ideas and that it would continue to provide expertise and innovative products.

– We are showing that we can change and keep up with the times – Russeva added.

As she said, this is a significant investment to the bank, not just financially, but due to numerous important functions being brought together in one place.

– This building will enable us to provide full support – Russeva said.

The modern A-class high rise was planned in line with the latest architectural trends in the world. In addition to office space, the employees will have at their disposal a training center with a capacity of 150 people.

This smart facility meets the highest environmental standards, and modern standards enable savings in electrical and thermal energy consumption, as well as consumption of drinking water. It contains a mini electrical power plant, a parking lot with solar chargers for electric cars and a special rainwater recuperation system, which is used solely for technical purposes.

Societe Generale has operated in Serbia for nearly four decades, as the first foreign bank in the local market. Nowadays, it has more than 1,300 employees and a developed network of 100 offices throughout Serbia. The construction of the new facility, to which a part of the employees from the head office building have moved, started in 2014.
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