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(AG Real Estate ) New Complex in Palić

There is a place in the heart of northern Serbia where visitors can relax on the coast of a peaceful lake, refresh their energy on the natural mineral springs or enjoy wide variety of sports facilities.

With its natural beauties, Palić has one of the best tourist offers in Serbia for every season.

Palić complex, founded in 1845, immediately became one of the most famous summer spa resorts for the members of high society of the time. Realizing the unique potential of this place, the landowner and sports enthusiast Vernen Lajosz decided to organize sports games in Palić and they were taking place every year between 1880 and 1914. These games led to development of modern and various sports capacities within the complex. The games were organized in the spirit of the Olympics 16 years before Pierre de Coubertin brought modern Olympic Games to life.

Planting of trees in Big Park in Palić began in 1840. That park now covers more than 19 ha and it offers unique combination of natural beauties of the park and rich architectural inheritage.

The complex is rich with elegant villas and buildings, the most famous of which are the Palić Hydro-tower, Great Terrace (Velika Terasa) and Music Pavilion. These buildings are designed in the style of secession, inspired by Hungarian folklore and handicrafts.

Palić Today

As very important reservation of nature, Palić is protected with the status of a Park of Nature. The coast of the Palić Lake is about 17 km long and it is very well arranged. There are walking paths and cycling tracks, as well as traditional coach driving paths. The lake is abundant with fish, which is an opportunity for the passionate fishermen to spend active weekend on the coast of the Palić Lake.

The lake is surrounded with sports fields (football, basketball, volleyball), tennis courts, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, bawling room, Zoo, as well as horse riding tracks. In addition, the visitors can enjoy rowing and sailing in summer and skating in winter. In the vicinity of Palić is Ludaš Lake, which is another reservation of nature in this part of the country.

Finally, city of Subotica, which is some 10 km away from Palić, offers warm atmosphere, excellent architecture and wealthy entertainment to the visitors during the whole year.

Palic Spa

One of the most important contents of the complex is spa where guests can relax and regenerate enjoying its natural boons. Water from the Palić Lake is sulphurous, alkaline and muriatic, with a temperature of about 25°C. The mineral water contains lithium and rhubidium, which are beneficial in treating rheumatism and nerve diseases. Strontium in the mineral mud is helpful in healing broken bones. Treatment in Palić Spa includes drinking of mineral water, bathing in naturally heated water and applying of mineral mud from the lake.

Investment Opportunities

On the basis of the master plan adopted by the local authorities, Palić complex will be developed in 5 different zones connected by pedestrian walks, but with separate entrances and parking lots. Each zone is defined by the unique type of services of activities that would be offered to the guests.

Golf Zone

Golf zone will be located on the very coast of the lake and its surface will be about 80 ha. There will be a golf court with 18 holes, 4 or 5-star hotel with conference and wellness contents, Golf Club, about 50 villas with swimming pools, as well as marina with the water sports center.

Park Zone

Big Park is a historical part of Palić complex with excellently preserved architecture and vegetation. First of all, Great Terrace should be completely rehabilitated and the capacities for organization of prestigious events, concerts and conferences are to be added. In addition, a part of the zone, better known as Women’s Strand, will also be completely rehabilitated. Construction of the new concert terrace in this part of the lake is also in the pipeline, as well as building of new accommodation facilities and enhancement of the existing ones.

Family Spa Wellness Zone

The area on the east side of the lake is reserved for Spa and Wellness facilities and services, with the thermal water spring and spa treatment tradition nearly two centuries long. One of the planned projects is construction of “Aqua World“ on about 9,500 square meters. In addition, construction of three hotels of different styles and classes. In addition, there will be a fun park for the youngest visitors and it will be situated on the east side of the zone.

Sports Zone

Development of this zone will include modernization of Men’s Strand and existing sports complexes. Construction of new Palić Sport Hotel with tennis courts and two independent accommodation wings is also in the pipeline.

Rural Zone

The last zone within this complex is so-called rural zone. According to the existing plans , this location will be developed in the traditional style of Vojvodina and it will include a grange with horse stables. There should also be a restaurant with traditional cuisine of Vojvodina and balcony with the view of the lake and the space for sunbathing.

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