Source: Radio 021 | Tuesday, 24.05.2016.| 11:01
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“Nepi” pays 30 mil EUR to the Novi Sad budget

(Photo: Maryna Pleshkun/
The South African company “Nepi” paid out the entirety of 3.77 billion RSD, or 30 mil EUR, yesterday, which was the price of the plot of land they bought near Spens in Novi Sad. According to Mayor Milos Vucevic, this is the record payment to the budget, which will open a new chapter for investments in the city’s infrastructural projects, but also in the areas of healthcare, social politics, culture and sports.

On April 20, the South African investor bought a 32,948 m2 parcel near Spens and the “Karadjordje” sports stadium, which features tennis courts, an additional stadium, athletic training area, parking spaces and green surfaces. “Nepi” will be allowed to build an office building on this parcel with up to 5 stories and a total surface of 115,318 m2 , which is larger than Spens.

After the auction, the “Nepi real” manager Nemanja Savcic said for that they wished to start building a shopping center, but that getting the licenses would take several months.

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