Source: Južne vesti | Friday, 23.10.2015.| 10:48
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Nis-based court sells Nais hotel - Property estimated at RSD 70 m

Nis (Photo:
After a dispute which has lasted for years, final decision has been made that clams of some one hundred former employees at Srbija-turist, are paid through the sale of the Nais hotel owned by Srba Ilic.

U zaključku o prodaji stoji da spor protiv "Srbija-turista" managed by Zlatkovic Veselin from Vrtiste but “others” have been specified in the subject, as the lawyer of Zlatkovic explains, actually refers to his colleagues.

Let us remind that another facility of Srbija-turista, owned by Ilic, Grand hotel, former Nis hotel, is under hammer due to unpaid debts at the auction which is organized by private executor.

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