Source: eKapija | Thursday, 16.07.2015.| 15:30
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Novi Beograd and Zemun to get 12.000 of residential and 11.000 m2 of commercial space

A part of the Block 9A, between Goce Delceva, Palmira Toljatija, Dzona Kenedija and Bulevara Nikole Tesle streets which belong to Novi Beograd and Zemun, should become richer for 12. 000 m2 of new residential areas, 6.800 m2 of which was planned for new construction while for the expansion of the last floors of the existing residential buildings 5.200m2 were planned the Urban Bureau Belgrade confirmed for

Detailed regulation plan implies 11.000 m2 new commercial areas. Therefore, construction of commercial multi-floor garage on 9.000m2, while the remaining 2.000 m2 were planned for existing facilities.

Different types of interventions have been planned on the existing residential and commercial facilities.

At this space of 14 ha, extension of the existing facility of combined kids’ institution on some 600 m2 was planned

(A part of the draft) As the Urban Bureau Belgrade which developed the Draft of the plan for a part of block 9A, says for eKapija three locations are planned for new construction. One of them where residential unit with a ground floor and six floors is the location of business premises of Ikarus. The flat structure will be defined later through technical documentation.

Two locations were planned for the construction of block garaes for residents with some 300 parking places and one underground on 5.000 m2 and capacity of 150 parking places.

The detailed regulation plan of the Block 9A includes maintenance and development of the existing green and free areas of the block (some 4ha).

Public inspection of the Detailed regulation plan for area between Goce Delceva, Palmira Toljatija, Dzon Kenedi and Bulevar Nikola Tesla- a part of Block A has been opened in the building of the City administration in Belgrade and will last until 31.

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