Source: Tanjug | Monday, 23.02.2015.| 11:03
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Construction wakes up - December saw construction of 49,4% more flats


According to the number of issued permits, in December, building of 795 flats was registered, which is 49,4%, than in December 2013, the data of the Republic Bureau for Statistics show.

Registered flats have the area of 68,2 m2.

Out of total number of flats in new residential buildings, 14,5% will be built in buildings with one flat, with an average area of 109,4m2, and 81,4% in buildings with three flats and more flats, and their average area will be much lower and will total 57,6m2.

In December, 664 construction permits were issued which is 5,7% more than a year before.

Index of planned values of the works in December increased by 131,2% compared to December 2013.

When it comes to the kind of construction, in December 73,3% of permits for buildings and 26,7% for other buildings were issued.

If only buildings are observed, 65,5% refers to residential 34,5% to non-residential while when it comes to other facilities, the largest part refers to pipelines, communications and electrical ducts, 69,5%.

Planned value of the works in December totals 73% out of totally planned works value. The biggest construction activity, observed from the fields, was recorded in the South Banat region 67,9% out of planned value of new building.

Belgrade region 4,9%, Raska, 4,8%, and Rasina region 3% follow while shares of other regions range up to 2,9%.

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