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Eldad Adir Zenati, director of ipyro social media agency - How to earn money mouse clicking

Eldad Adir Zeneti

It is not a news that advertising and publicity are often connected with the profitability of a company or the recognizability of a person. This is why marketing and PR agencies race to offer more effective commercials and communication channels. Belgrade has recently got the first agency that rewards those who have a large network of friends at social media websites. Namely, Israel's ipyro hires people (who are called trendsetters of buzzers) to post information on their profile for certain fee.

In a talk with eKapija, ipyro director speaks about the way in which this word-of-mouth agency does business and why social media networks are so important for companies.

eKapija: Can you explain us your way of doing business?

- ipyro is a word-of-mouth engagement platform that connects brands and influencers. We enable brands to transform their audience into a content promotion channel.

ipyro is a hybrid of a highly advanced technology and a vast community of buzzers/trendsetters. For the first time we offer social influencers a transparent platform to use to share content they like with their audience, track it and get rewarded.

eKapija: How do you choose your buzzers?

- The platform can analyze each candidate and determine his/her main interests, engagement level, etc. Beside that, we interview our buzzers and build their profile afterwards. We are looking for new buzzers in clubs, bars, universities and by searching the social sphere.

eKapija: What could a company, as your possible client, expect from ipyro?

- First of all, we are actually cutting advertising/marketing costs for our clients. Second, we are the most succesful WOM (word of mouth) platform, we can reach huge audiences fast by sharing the content people like. From my point of view, to expose to brand/service/campaign from your friend or someone you consider a social influencer is by far more attractive and with a premium appeal.

eKapija: In which countries does ipyro operate? Where do you achieve the best results?

- We operate in Israel, Serbia, USA, France... You may be surprised, but Serbian buzzers are the best we have by engagement rate, participation rate, etc...

eKapija: What are your expectations from the Serbian market?

- To grow.

eKapija: Do you think that social media PR is developed enough in Serbia?

- Yes, not enough, but I see that PR agencies trying to get better improve all the time by exploring new methods and technologies. For sure this market is not standing still.

eKapija: If we compare your "product" with other PR tools, does it cost more or less, and does it achieve better results?

- It costs less by far. It's the only tool that you can actually use to track the buzz, engagement rate and viral spikes.

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