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Megan Nilsson, Senior Adviser for NFT and Crypto – This is a Historic Moment to Buy Cryptocurrencies

Megan Nilsson
Megan Nilsson (Photo: Todor Milivojević)
Megan Nilsson, Senior Adviser for NFT and Cryptocurrencies, known as Crypto Megan, was a guest at the biggest European crypto, NFT and metaverse conference Tomorrow, which was held from May 13 to 15 in Belgrade. This was an opportunity for us to talk to Megan about this virtual world which is still not understandable enough for many.

As she clarified at the beginning of the interview for eKapija, she entered the crypto world many years ago looking to find alternative ways to invest. She also reveals that she spends over 10 hours a day reading and seeking new information, because the cryptocurrency world is growing at an incredible speed and changes happen on a daily basis. Megan now advises big corporations, many investors and celebrities about where to invest their money.

– I recently decided that I wanted to launch YouTube and Instagram channels in order to make my information available to people who are only just beginning to enter this world, because not everything has to be adapted to those at the top, who have the sources. I want everybody to be able to take part in this financial and cultural revolution. That is my mission, to provide quality information which new investors will trust.

eKapija: We know that, in the world of business, money mostly belongs to men and they are the ones who make decisions. Can this be changed in the crypto world?

– That is a good question, which we analyzed here at the panel in Serbia. Some men from the audience asked me why they should hire a woman when they could hire a man. There are plenty of topics that we need to initiate, and it is especially women who should initiate those topics. The fact is that Web 3.0 knows no gender, race or identity, and the only thing that’s important on this platform is that, if you do have the value to provide something of quality, you will get your “place at the table”, you don’t have to ask for it. The problem is that plenty of women fear the crypto world, because it all seems complicated to them initially, and the fact is that it is a business dominated by men… We certainly need more public presentations through which we will inspire women who have the talent to step forward. This world certainly needs the knowledge of women and new ways to shape the future.

eKapija: What is going on at the moment? Are we witnessing the bubble bursting or something new being created?

– That is something that people often wonder, because they’ve seen a drastic drop in the market and they are afraid when something like this happens. I have been present for a long time in the crypto world and I have gone through plenty of changes in the market – just like the crypto parabola can go up, it can also drop down drastically. You need to have a strong stomach to withstand those drops… What I can say is that we are far from a bubble, we are only just starting. The potential of the crypto world is so huge – we are now at 300 million users, and we expect 3.4 billion by 2030. We are certainly not going to be in a bubble that is just going to burst, we are only just scratching the surface of possibilities. A very exciting period lies ahead, and those “drops” will look like minor cracks compared to where we are going and what awaits us.

eKapija: NFTs, crypto or metaverse?

– They are all connected and complement each other in unique ways. NFTs are so great, because it is the first time that we are able to experience digital ownership. Once you truly understand what digital ownership is, you will never see the world the same way. What’s important for Web 2.0 is that we socialized on platforms which have our information, and we were only a part of that platform that somebody else owns. Web 3.0 will be in the sign of the creators and builders who own a part of the internet. What’s incredible and great is that we can all own a part of the internet, we get paid for our knowledge and conclusions and everything is more accessible. These changes will improve our lives, because they will make everything easier, more transparent and more available.

eKapija: If you were the legislator, how would you regulate this field?

– Everybody is afraid of laws and regulations, in the sense, of “this is not good, it will lead to a drop in the market”… but people familiar with the matter, such as Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank, see everything through different eyes and I share their opinion. They see regulations as something that will provide safety and security for trillions of dollars of capital which are standing by, waiting to be included in this revolution. If you have the opportunity to invest now, you should, because you are far ahead of this massive capital which will start coming in at one moment. Crypto cannot be banned, because it is digital property – people can pick it up and move it wherever they want, where there are friendly regulations. I believe that big countries, such as the USA, will never pass regulations which will stifle creativity. My opinion is that, whichever regulation is adopted, it will in fact be beneficial, because people will no longer be kept in the dark, wondering what happens next.

Megan Nilsson and Slobodana Subara, eKapija’s journalist
Megan Nilsson and Slobodana Subara, eKapija’s journalist (Photo: eKapija)

eKapija: What would you advise me? Where would it be best for me to invest part of my savings?

– Just by showing interests, it means that you will be successful, because people who are entering this field now are looking at a great success. That is the nature of this, if you have the patience to wait for the inevitable to happen, you will be successful in this market, it is something that is nearly guaranteed. If you are asking me which product to invest in, I would suggest to stick to those that are good, innovative and present in the market for some time and those behind which there is a serious team. At the end of the day, all currencies are like software, Ethereum is software, Solana is software, and they all provide tools which make our lives better. As long as you stick to bigger and better products, such as Bitcoin, which is considered digital gold, you will be successful.

eKapija: Where would you invest your money?

– That is financial advice (laughs). Everybody’s portfolio is different, some investors are prepared for a higher risk, others want safer investments. Ethereum is a great currency in which you can invest, built by leading web creators, all of which are heading towards a merging, so it will by quicker and more efficient. My favorites are also Cardano and Theta Network, which is not that popular, but it is quick and safe. There are other, bigger currencies, Layer 1, Layer 2, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon MATIC, that is, all those that have a bigger market and that are stable… Although there are no guarantees when it comes to crypto, they all work on innovations, which is very important.

eKapija: What does your day look like when you are not in the crypto world?

– Nobody has ever asked me that before (laughs) and it is great that you have mentioned that. A day without the crypto market would look very strange in my life. I would feel out of touch, out of the loop… because crypto is my passion, when I’m on a vacation or whatever else it is I’m doing, I am always connected. Crypto is simply part of my daily routine, when I get up, go for a walk for a few hours, listen to audio recordings, getting new inspiration, that is something that makes my life complete. So, if you want me to tell you what my day would look like without the crypt market, I don’t know what to tell you (laughs).

eKapija: You have talked about how plenty of people connect emotionally with their cryptocurrencies. How do the problems occur?

– That is generally a problem in this world, when you connect emotionally with your investments, because, as I’ve already said, there are no guarantees here, you have to be aware that you’re taking a risk, but also keep in mind that you will profit as well. Because, as quickly as this market grows, there are also drops, that’s the nature of this business. I always tell people to follow my work – be ready to profit, try to get your invested capital off the table… many people make mistakes in this business, because they try to limit it temporally, which is not possible… you will burn out, because you never know what might happen regardless of all the tools and indicators, it’s all assumptions. The reason that people are so afraid is that they are too exposed, because, when you put money on this market, be ready to leave it there for a longer time period. Because, if you are ready to wait and be patient, let the inevitable happen. It’s like gravity – we are all heading for the metaverse.

eKapija: So, there’s no quick and easy way to make money?

– No, wealth is not made overnight. People have illusions that that is how it happens, but those people often burn out. A period of 4 to 5 years is not long compared to traditional investments. Just be patient and let the profit come to you. Use this time to position yourself. I will say that this is a historic moment to buy. If you change your way of thinking, if you “buy fear, sell greed” and if you don’t let emotions overcome you, you will be successful.

Slobodana Subara

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