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Muris Hadzic, General Manager of Dr.Pasha - It is important to be on the same wavelength as your team

Muris Hadzic
Muris Hadzic
Muris Hadzic, general manager of the cosmetics company Dr.Pasha, has an impressive career in the business world, which began at a very young age. From those very first steps, back when it was important to show maturity and earn the first money, until today, when he is at an important position in a domestic company, he has his own guiding principles that pave the way for success.

He is content, because in his career so far he has had the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in companies like Orbico, Porsche BH, P Trade, Msan. He is happy to share what he has learned so far with colleagues and students. It was in P Trade and Dr. Pasha, he says, that he learned what it means to create business steps for a company that is not part of a global group, but a purely domestic team with common skill and vision.

He believes that honest communication with colleagues is crucial for the success of a company. He also believes that true successes are yet to come. "Unfulfilled wishes lead us forward in creating new and better life opportunities," Muris Hadzic says in an interview with eKapija.

The carelessness of early youth

- I believe that I had the opportunity to have a real childhood with all the child`s joys, at least when we talk about early childhood. The most beautiful toys were a bicycle, soccer ball, marbles and similar things. We communicated directly, not through various networks. Commodore 64 was a state of the art thing, too rare to be the center of events for us, like modern computers are for today`s children. I grew up at a time when the well-known oath was "Let us not deviate from your path". Unfortunately, we have deviated from many paths, not just the above one.

The period when you go to the seaside in a Zastava 750, bring along "everything" you need and yet again there is room left for a battery-powered cassette player and a pillow to sleep on, on the roof rack there would be a rubber kayak, oars, suitcases… .. And, we didn`t have a Thule. These are such simple things that make wonderful memories. I could count them all day long. I can say that I had a great childhood.

I have spent my "student" days working and raising children. As I started working very early, at a time when I was supposed to live a student`s life, I had already made the first steps of my career. Life has often led my generation in the wrong direction, because many people already had to struggle for their existence, instead of sitting in amphitheaters and classrooms. Of course, there is no good excuse to skip that important step in life. I proved to myself that everything can be achieved if you want, in later years when I decided to re-enroll in studies. I believe that the limit of the mandatory scope of education must be raised for the new generations to come, but I also believe that it is about time to bring in some new values, new knowledge and especially a little freshness in higher education institutions.

Also, I believe that it is necessary to use the experience of our successful companies or their most important "ingredients" - capable and successful employees. Here I would divert attention from the management that is always talked about and put the focus on operatives, middle management, creative departments, people from production to share their experiences and knowledge with our young people who will be their colleagues tomorrow.

Studies and reality - what young people can expect

- I am sure that, for most young people, deciding what to study is a difficult moment, because they are not completely sure what they will do in the future. Or to put things differently - not all jobs are presented well enough to young people, so they often have a distorted picture of what they have enrolled in. We have all too often seen how a certain person finishes his or her studies and then never deals with that subject matter again. We still have a lot of young people who fulfill their parents` wishes or simply follow their social group and go where their "crowd" goes.

In the company where I work, together with my associates, we have organized collaborations with faculties several times, in order to transfer our everyday work experiences and knowledge to students, in order to feel a part of what awaits them. We try to convey to them a realistic task and an environment that would await them in such a task. It was a valuable experience for me, and I hope it also was for them, because we did it for them.

I especially remember the comment of one of the students: "What do you mean, in order for me to live off of something tomorrow, that something must be profitable?". We have cases when knowledge is transferred too abstractly without trying to practically present the future task and how it fits into the real world. Despite the above, I believe that this is an important period of building personality and experience from the first "network" steps and acquaintances to the acquisition of specific knowledge.

From the first money earned to the most difficult task

- My professional path started long before I finished school, which is still going on. In the beginning, it was a path that I created in a certain way, I was more into looking for a job that was profitable, than to fulfill my wishes, what I would like to do. Among the first jobs I worked as a designer in one of our domestic companies and it was a job that I liked, but it was not so well paid at the time. So, like many others at that time, I started working "with foreigners" as they would say back then. I can say that it was, for a young person, a beautiful period without too much self-input, without the stress and obligations that come with some more serious positions with good compensation, perhaps the most carefree period of my youth. These are definitely jobs that seduce you and keep you stuck in place, without any development and progress. It’s not a job I’d wish for an ambitious young person who wants to do “something more”.

(Photo: Dr.Pasha)
After that came more serious business, the first steps in sales. Employment in the distribution company Orbico, where I gained my first knowledge in sales, planning, strategies, process management and everything that we use day-to-day and, hopefully, improve. It is, for example, a place that I would recommend to young people as a great place to start, but not just as a start - it is a company that offers a lot.

Jobs in management, IT industry (MSan), auto industry (Porsche, Mazda) continue. I especially emphasize Porsche - a dream car for many boys, including me. A brand so elusive when you’re small and then you become a brand manager for one such brand. Nice experience - from a visit to the factory to an annual meeting where you meet people from literally all over the world, people with whom you can share experiences, ideas and opportunities in working with such a masterpiece of the automotive industry. Of course, in that process there were more interesting tasks, and thus new knowledge and experiences. Oils and lubricants, motorcycle program (Repsol, KTM, industrial lubricant program) are all different, and everything is so similar. So much basic knowledge that you have acquired through education, for example the company Procter & Gamble for detergents, you would now apply that knowledge in the motor business...

The first, and in my opinion, true business steps I made were in the company P Trade and Dr.Pasha, because you do not work according to the prepared system or plan of a multinational company and there is no machine that follows you. Domestic companies that fight independently in the conditions that prevail in our market - this has its charms, especially when we talk about the Dr.Pasha brand. You are creating a new value - a Bosnian-Herzegovinian brand. You are really building something special there - from the idea, strategy, design, production, sales, exports, domestic and foreign legislation…. There’s almost no segment you don’t touch upon. Then teamwork comes to the fore, because you realize how much you have to be on the same "wavelength" with your team, which applies not only to your colleagues but also to all external associates, your companions on various networks - definitely to your users. Certainly the most difficult task so far.


- I was not part of the story from the very beginning of the Dr. Pasha brand, because I joined a little later and I can pass on to you the values that we cultivate today and that we want to pass on to others. Dr.Pasha company believes in the idea that in nature we have a solution and answer to every problem and/or question we have nowadays, even though we are surrounded by ultramodern solutions. Everything we create in our workshop must come from nature and solve a problem we have in a natural way. We believe that values such as sincerity, purity, incorruptibility and inviolable quality must be woven into our products. Any information we share with our followers must be completely transparent. We want to bring our customers products that are completely natural, healthy, that help them without any of the side effects that are expected when you use some artificial substitutes.

We are a small company which, as I mentioned earlier, has an excellent team of employees and external associates, and I would always be happy to recommend them to any company. Our team also consists of our partners in other markets, and when you look at it that way, we are big after all.

Dr.Pasha is definitely the market leader in the segment of natural products. A brand that brings new values, never at any cost, but only by respecting its basic principles, such as the ones I have listed. Our vision is to continue to make top quality products and as far as our capabilities allow, we are continuously expanding our range to meet the wishes of our customers. Certainly one of the important directions will be the expansion of foreign partners and entering new markets. We are already in negotiations with several EU markets. This has slowed down a bit due to the pandemic, but it is far from impossible, which we proved recently with the signing a contract for the Libyan market which is the last in a series of markets where Dr. Pasha brand has arrived, or as we like to say - a new continent we have reached.

Of course, it is not easy to maintain trust and reputation, but if you set quality as the basic goal, then from the very beginning you have the advantage and trust of your customers. This is something we can promise to our customers as well - natural ingredients and top quality will never be replaced.

The impact of the pandemic on business - what we have experienced and learned

- I do not believe there are many companies that went unaffected by the current situation and unfortunately I do not believe that it will end there. The pandemic has certainly affected us as well. At one point, we completely stopped working on our brand and focused the profit and production on the only mean of influencing the outcome of the situation, i.e. the production of disinfectants. We tried to give our contribution in preventing the spread of the virus, at a time when disinfectants could not be found on the market. Not only to the market, but also to everyone who had contacted us, we sent as much as we managed to produce. At the moment when companies specializing in this type of product started their production, we returned to our brand. We have decided to move forward regardless of the new situation. I believe that it helped us privately to go through the past period with less mental burden, because the news that "bombard" us every day affect everybody.

Our effort in that period shows in our new markets and new products, because we have prepared about twenty new products and even a new sales channel. We did not profit, but we survived and became stronger and saved the entire team.

In moments like these that affect the whole world, we can only wonder how momentary and transient everything is, but also how important it is to take care of others. How much do we sometimes forget the basic values of life, how important the community is, not the individual. Because, from the situation that has arisen, what does it mean if you are healthy and others around you are sick. Sooner or later, if we don’t take care of the community, we can all get infected. I would draw a parallel with everyday life - how many times have you heard the sentence "You can`t be happy if only you are happy and everyone around you is unhappy". You are only happy if everyone around you is happy and it is very important that we all deal with this situation together.

The given word is most appreciated

- Of course, life has often created opportunities that I did not expect, I just hope that I have responded to them correctly.
Regardless of all the forces and external influences, we can influence our own lives, and not only can - we must, because otherwise, we will live other people`s lives and according to other people`s scenarios.

I think that I am demanding when it comes to relationships with colleagues, although I will often not show that, but I think that the values on which I was raised mean a lot. Honesty, loyalty, responsibility, really being part of a team, not just when needed… The value of a given word is probably one of the most important values. Everything we do, that we will not regret tomorrow, is the only right thing to do.

Be open with your team - you will create a much nicer work environment, which is the basis of job satisfaction.

I wouldn`t call it admiration, but I`ve met a lot of people I appreciate for their values or actions. I could list for a long time the people who are worth mentioning to me or whose deeds are worthy of praise and I would gladly do so, but I am sure I have already talked a lot. I am lucky to have grown up with an older brother who has been someone I am proud of countless times in my life and who gave advice probably much more often than I had the opportunity to ask for.

Teodora Brnjoš

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