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Nina Kremenovic, Corporate Communications Manager at Lanaco – Moving toward a virtual environment is a necessity, and data is the new currency of the 21st century

Nina Kremenovic, the Corporate Communications Manager at Lanaco, which creates innovative solutions using the latest-generation technologies, talks about the process of digitalization in the region, data protection and management, but also the company`s plans for the future.

Digitalization is increasingly present in our region. How would you rate this process? How intensively is it being carried out and which challenges need to be overcome?

In 2020, the process of digitalization is a linear response to the numerous challenges that modern society is facing today. Considering the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic in certain segments, this process, in my opinion, is currently accelerated at a rate that is hard to control. On one hand, although this process sometimes doesn`t generate changes on the desired scale, on the other hand, it makes alternative forms of business current, but also everyday living.

Moving toward a virtual environment is no longer a question of need, but a necessity that we all need to dimension in a smart way.

In this ultimate business and everyday reality, it is entirely logical for all participants to be facing numerous challenges, which, I believe, are more of a global than narrowly regional nature. From the set of challenges that are tightly related to digital reality, I would like to highlight the change in the corporate culture and the ability of each individual to accept a different way of working and understanding the environment. Simply, we all need to step from the traditional world into a digital one, which has become the current reality, and the process of digitalization has become the code we follow.

LANACO is a company that creates innovative solutions based on using the latest-generation technology. Who are they meant for?

As a company, we try to understand in the right way the messages that our users send on one hand, and on the other, large IT companies which create the process of digital globalization. Thanks to this, by observing the recognized needs and desires of the users and the directions given by the leaders in the global IT market, we are able to position our solutions and, through them, to try to identify the spots where we can make a difference, both for our clients and the society as a whole. The solutions we now deliver within the distribution model Software as a Service are meant for the main pillars of each society, from education, healthcare, production, various services, and the reasons for our position in the market lies in the structure of our portfolio. In the long term, that position entails assisting our clients in overcoming numerous problems related to digital transformation and creating a whole range of benefits that digital transformation brings to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also the Western Balkans.

You provide users with services and solutions they can use to manage their data, but also to protect them. What are the most common threats and in which way can data be protected?

If you want to position yourself as one of the leaders in the market, you have to conduct business and create innovations in line with world standards. For 30 years, LANACO has been operating in line with the standards that define competition on a global level. For us as a company, the users` data are the most valuable thing that has been entrusted to us. Data is the new currency of the 21st century, a global “game changer” of the world economy. That is why we, in LANACO, systemically take care of their confidentiality, integrity and availability, implementing numerous technical measures, such as: the Data Center which meets the highest standards, a DR location (continuous replication of the data to another location), Data Backup, Next Generation Firewall, Web Application Firewall, IPS/IDS, Endpoint Protection, DDoS protection, but also numerous other technical solutions which offer the highest-level security.

You have also offered several products, meant for various business fields. How have you determined that it is precisely those solutions that are required and what is their advantage?

As I`ve said before, LANACO products align, in each segment, with the needs the clients express and the realistic technological possibilities observed on a global scale, with full consideration of multiplatform options. All our solutions are in fact a realistic response of the technology to the needs, challenges, but also expectations in various business sectors, from the public sector to small and medium enterprises. Their basic and universal value lies in the fact that, thanks to them, companies of various sizes and from various fields can consume latest-generation technologies and solutions at affordable prices. That is the essential benefit of digital transformation on a global scale. I would like to emphasize that we are the company that puts digital content on the market and creates the competitive advantage that transcends local boundaries.

What are the company`s plans for the upcoming period?

Strategically, the plan is certainly to successfully adapt to all the modifications of digital transformation initiated by the Covid-19 pandemic and to remain on the set path of LANACO`s transition. In that context, we expect the opening of business operations in other markets in which we will try to position ourselves through our proven level of expertise and the business vision we have.

Finally, I can say that we will remain fully dedicated to our value, which is knowledge. What does this mean for LANACO in 2021? We will continue investing even more strongly in the education of our employees, but also in the development of solutions based on the latest mega trends of digital transformation, thereby taking our position as a company which actively participates in overcoming the challenges that numerous organizations and individuals are facing.
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