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Dr Ioanna Batsialou, medical director of Ioanna MediGroup special hospital – We plan to expand the clinic and introduce new services

Ioanna Batsialou
The mesotherapy center Dr Ioanna Batsialou expanded its range of activities in 2017 and, as a special dermatovenerology hospital, became part of the MediGroup medical system. Through constant perfecting and the desire to bring world trends in preventive medicine to the Serbian market, the institution has grown into a unique hospital offering a wide range of services of non-operative aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.

As Ioanna Batsialou points out in her interview with eKapija, “in a year, the new services of the Ioanna MediGroup special hospital have been accepted by its long-term patients, and their value has also been recognized by a large number of new ones”.

– Today, even foreign medical doctors highlight Ioanna MediGroup as a unique center in Europe, which brings together internal and external care in the service of people’s health – Dr Ioanna Batsialou says and adds that the team consists of top specialists and contributes to patients’ health, beauty, freshness and youthful looks through prevention and timely interventions.

The quality of the Ioanna MediGroup special hospital has also been publicly recognized with the recent Superbrands award.

eKapija: What are the results of the cooperation of the Ioanna special hospital and the MediGroup medical system so far?

– The results are great for both MediGroup and Ioanna, since our knowledge, skills, experience and practical results have been provided with corporate support. The medical giant MediGroup has recognized the uniqueness and the need for further investments in our team of medical experts, consisting of Dr Zlata Jovanovic Ignjatic, Dr Tomislav Jovanovic, Dr Dusan Skiljevic, Dr Vladimir Arsenijevic, nutritionist and phytotherapist Verica Todorovic, cosmetician Dusanka Milinkovic and other medical staff, so that the development would be even more complete.

eKapija: What are the most popular services?

– Since we are the leaders in the region when it comes to facial mesotherapy and body sculpting, it is certainly one of the more popular services, but other non-operative medical procedures, such as mesobotox, botox, mesonites or hyaluronic fillers are also in demand. However, as a lecturer at the famous anti-aging and aesthetic medicine congress in Monaco, but also the international congress of anti-aging and aesthetic medicine in Serbia, I advocate for anti-aging to be recognized as a very important branch of preventive medicine that extends patients’ lives and improves their health.

At the Ioanna MediGroup hospital, in addition to non-operative aesthetic procedures, we also advocate the popularization of quantum medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, infusion supplementation, hyperbaric oxygenation and special 4P anti-aging method, which entails prevention, prediction, personalization and participation.

eKapija: Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine is among the main carriers of the development of health tourism in Serbia. How many patients do you get from abroad?

– There are lots of patients from abroad, but I must note as a curiosity that foreign medical experts come to Ioanna MediGroup, such as Claude Dalle, the president of World Society Interdisciplinary AntiAging Medicine, internist Dr Erminarikara Stergiopoulos of Japan, who successfully merges her knowledge of conventional Western medicine with Eastern medicine, and Sotiris Tsioumas, a surgeon ophthalmologist and aesthetic medicine specialist, the leader in the field of bloodless anti-aging surgery.

We are therefore practically an international clinic which provides an exclusive opportunity to patients from Serbia and abroad to have their health and beauty being taken care of by local and famous world medical experts alike.

eKapija: In what other ways, according to you, can we develop health tourism and attract this group of visitors to Serbia?

– Primarily through quality service, top quality materials and respectable medical experts, who have the knowledge, the skills and the experience, which guarantees excellent results and satisfied patients. The presence of our medical doctors in foreign congresses, communication with foreign media and the presentation of Serbia as a popular medical tourism destination, as well as of our medical findings and achievements, are important as well. Perhaps even the ministries of tourism and health should be included as well, as I am sure that they recognize this important kind of tourism as a great potential, and our doctors as excellent ambassadors of our country.

eKapija: Ioanna MediGroup also offers cosmetics. Which products do you offer and what makes these products different from similar ones in the market?

– As we have recognized the need for adequate care at home, which would maintain, support, and in a way, extend the effects of medical services of non-operative aesthetic medicine, we have created professional facial and body medical cosmetics Anazoi. These are fully natural medical cosmetics, which prevent gaining and return the glow, the freshness, the beauty and the elasticity of skin. Using a combination of carefully picked active herbal ingredients, we have come up with natural anti-aging products.

Anazoi cosmetics entail luxury natural formulas for face and body care. It doesn’t contain mineral oils, artificial coloring or parabens and has been tested at the Institute of Public Health “Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut”. Of course, proper care of health and beauty from within is also very important, so we are great advocates of the usage of one of the most important proteins for maintaining skin tonus and hair, nail and wrist health, namely collagen. So far, our best experiences have been with the serum Beautin Collagen, which restores skin elasticity by 30% after three months of use.

eKapija: Are you preparing any new features and what are the company’s plans for the upcoming period?

– We will certainly continue to be dedicated to patients and seek new medical solutions, and in the next months, we plan to expand the clinic and move the special hospital Ioanna MediGroup to a 1,000-m2 facility in the heart of Vracar. There will be more talk about concrete plans when the beginning of realization of the project draws closer.

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