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Rade Pribićević, Manager of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs in "Danube Foods Group" - born under a lucky star

(Rade Pribićević)

He is a descendant of Svetozar Pribićević, the leader of Serbs from Croatia and one of the most controversial politicians in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians. He is a grandchild of Dr Rade Pribićević, the Ambassador of former Yugoslavia to Poland and Canada, and a son of Novak Pribićević, one of the most eminent diplomats in former Yugoslavia.

Rade Pribićević, the Manager of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs in "Danube Foods Group", says that he he has not resumed tradition because he is not a politican, but his job is, certainly, closest to politics. He is not a member of any party and he does not express his political positions in public. He says he has no political ambitions, but, since the life is a game without boundaries, one can never know anything for sure....

For the time being, as the CEO of the investment fund that owns 5 Serbian companies, he uses his political and diplomatic skills in the talks with the representatives of the government, business partners, as well as trade unions. As he explains, his occupation is a new function in the corporate structure and it unites public relations and corporate-regulation sector.

Capital market and the operations of the investment funds in Serbia are slowly developing.

- Investments funds are investing money in companies, properties and similar projects in order to make profit. After some time, they leave the investment and find their profit and interest in the difference. However, "Danube Foods Group" is not a classical financial investor since it has a different strategic approach. He significantly contributes to the growth of the company's value, he takes care of profit, as well as of the future of the companies that operate within the group.

Current financial crisis has changed the plans of "Danube Foods Group" a bit, that is, the sale of some companies has been postponed for some better times. That is when the decisions about next acquisitions will be made. According to the words of Pribićević, they have not decided yet which companies to buy.

Rade Pribićević graduated from the Law Faculty in Belgrade. He was trying to make for living in the 1990's by working as a lawyer, but he earned more in that period by translating to German language, which he learned while he was living in Vienna.

When he was a child, he often changed towns of residence because of his father's job. He later did that because of his own job. That is how he learned to adapt to new terms. He was born in Belgrade. He first moved to Zagreb and then to Vienna. He graduated from high school in Austria and then enrolled and graduated from the Law Faculty in Belgrade. He started his career in company BAT in Belgrade. He later worked for that company in Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, and then he returned to our capital city. He moved from company BAT to "Knjaz Miloš", and then to "Danube Foods Group".

He speaks English, German and Bulgarian language.


- My ideal of living can be described in one word - harmony. That is why I married three times. My first wife was from Belgrade. The second wife with whom I have daughter Zara was from Bulgaria and she still lives in Sofia. I am now married to Ana and we have daughter Tina. Simply, people meet each other, they think they are compatible, but the reality of life shows them that they are not completely right. Man has one life and good divorce is always better for both children and spouses than bad marriage – says Pribićević and adds that every divorce is a new stress, but man must always strive for the best.

He says that the people are aware of the moment when business, love or friendship loses sense, but, unfortunately, they are not ready to react.

- People are inclined to inertness because of its comfort, and every change is painful and risky – says our collocutor.

- But if you don't move, the chances for you to reach some place are much smaller.

I only lack time

As a lover of literature, especially modern American novels, he says that he has always been interested in books and that he used to read much. His favorite is American writer John Updike. He points out with regret that he does not have enough time for reading now. The only thing he lacks in his life is time.

He spends leisure time with his friends and family. He and his family often travel to Istra where they have an apartment.

According to Pribićević, that region at the Adriatic Sea has a special charm. As he says, in addition to seaside and natural beauties, that region is rich with numerous well-preserved archeological, cultural-historical monuments of various cultures and times.

In addition, his business obligations are also linked to travels. As a member of the Administrative Board of the Water Polo Association of Serbia, he was at the Olympics in Peking. Among the rest, Pribićević is also a member of the Administrative Board of Special Hospital in Aranđelovac, the President of the Administrative Board of "Sekopak", the President of the Adminstrative Board of "Bambi Banat", a member of Serbian Association of Managers...

Be careful what you wish for, it may come true!

- I often think that I was born under a lucky star. All the wishes I had have come true. As a rule, everything I wish for comes true, so that I do not like to play with the destiny. I try hard only when things are very important. One of the rules is that you should not say your wishes in public until they come true – Pribićević explains.

However, he wanted to become a rock'n'roll star...

- I have not become a rock star for objective reasons - I do not have talent for singing. I have recently watched Scorsese's movie about Rolling Stones and my idol is, definitely, Mick Jagger.

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