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Ana Gifing, doctor - Creator of nutrition program which made the world go crazy

Ana Gifing (Photo: Lidija Maričić, Fabrika Fotografa)
Girls and women all around Serbia did not believe when they heard about “a diet” which does not include starving. Men who needed to lose weight also did not believe in it. Both young and old were skeptical that they will not count calories and will limit food quantity and then they tried. Is there today anyone of us who did not experience or does not know someone who is on Chrono diet?

The main fault is dr. Ana Gifing, Serbian expert in anti-aging medicine who in 2003 created Nutrition program dr Gifing with more than 60.000 patients over the past six years.

- Our people believes that a visit to a nutritionist means torture and renunciation from food. The program is contrary to that. The only thing that matters is schedule and combination of some food – dr. Gifing says for our portal.

Since she tries to be herself in everything she does, she made this eating method unique. The program the whole world is crazy about is a product of a number of years of experience and schooling of our collocutor in the most important world centers as well as cooperation with famous experts in different fields of anti-aging medicine.

How it started

For the first time, dr. Gifing met with medicine at the ambulance of her grandfather who finished his medical faculty and expertise in prevention medicine in Graz in Austria before World War II, dr. Branko Manojlovic started his first clinic in prevention medicine in Novi Sad.

She started serious career in Belgrade. After six months of volunteer work at the Institute for health protection of mother and child, she had a chance to continue at VMA in anesthesiology with reanimatology. After specialization she worked at the Clinical Center of Serbia but at the end she opted for prevention medicine which is for her “the only true branch of this great science”.

What we have (not) learnt

(Photo: MaraZe/
To have a break of at least three hours between meals, not to eat fruit of cookies in the morning or evening, bread and pasta until 15h latest while in the morning, rich meal with animal fat and carbon hydrates is necessary are only some advice which fans of this nutrition regime stick to.

Collocutor of eKapija outlines that people in Serbia do not place health at the first place and that, comparing current patients with patients in America, we step back in front of challenges though reality does not give us too much alternative. The program of Chrono nutrition of dr.Gifing contributed to healing a number of metabolic conditions as well as decrease or necessary increase of weight so even though the number of dr. Gifing’s fans increases every day, she thinks it takes more time and education so that majority would adopt it as a healthy lifestyle.

The support can also be recently published book of recipes "Chrono book of recipes" as well as book "Chrono food of dr. Gifing for starters", and "Portion of health, true and mislead " should also be published. Dr. Gifing is the author of popular books "Alchemy of youth" and "How to slow down aging", while it is less known that our collocutor wrote three still not published novels.

Optimist and adventurer

(Photo: Lidija Maričić, Fabrika Fotografa)
For herself, dr. Gifing says that she is optimist forever and that bright spirit is in her genes. Constant source of joy is her daughters and profession also fulfills her.

She is a huge adventurer and likes travelling. She enjoys in discovering different landscapes in Serbia and does not need a lot to create her own business plan.

She envy people with plans since she never succeeded in making a strategy not even for two weeks.

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