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Blackberries, wine and Île-de-France sheep, choice of a young farmer from Bac – Work hard and you will be rewarded

(Photo: Dalibor Gajić)
Dalibor Gajic is a young farmer from Bac, who got into this line of work through family business, since farming is a family tradition. However, when his parents moved to Germany for work, he had to continue the business by himself.

He grows fruit, breeds cattle and produces wine.

Blackberries are his mother's idea since she wanted to make blackberry jam, juice and sweet treats. His father purchased 1,600 seedlings and thus they formed a blackberry orchard.

– I'm happy with the fruit quality and the yield size is standard. The blackberry is a very fruitful plant, and it rarely underperforms. I offer blackberry for sale in the local market, but only in small quantities because I try to process most of it, Dalbor told eKapija.

Blackberries (Photo: Dalibor Gajić)

He added that there is a demand for fresh and processed blackberries. Still, processes blackberries are more profitable, several times over,even. Gajic notes.

– I only make blackberry wine, because I haven't got time for much else. For the time being, I produce limited quantities, based on orders or recommendations, he says.

For sales and orders he uses an Instagram profile @kupinovo_gajic.

Blackberry wine (Photo: Dalibor Gajić)

Besides fruit growing, this farmer chose to raise sheep as well. He currently owns 50 registered sheep of the Île-de-France breed.

– It's a rewarding breed, because it yield substantial amounts of meat, which is quite delicious, Dalibor notes.

His production is subsidizes by the Ministry of Agriculture and he is satisfied with that support.

– You have to handle a myriad of regulations and bureaucratic procedures, but if you're adept and creative you can make use of the options presented. It's not ideal, but it's doable.

At the end of the interview with eKapija he advised young people not to sit idle and to take matters into their own hands:

– Don't wait for help. Keep working, be diligent and you-ll be rewarded.

Aleksandra Kekic
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