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Constanta Port Day - Tradition and Cooperation in Belgrade

(Daniel Banu)

On September 25, 2014, the Holyday Inn Hotel in Belgrade hosted the 8th edition of Constanta Port Day, organized by the NC Maritime Ports Administration SA Constanta, with the support of the following companies in the Port of Constanta: Comvex, North Star Shipping, Socep, TTS Group, Umex and United Shipping Agency.

After having being hosted by the city-port of Novi Sad for the last three editions, Constanta Port Day returned to Belgrade increasing its focus on the potential of Serbia’s business environment and continuously promoting the opportunities offered by the Romanian maritime ports.

This year event has been attended by more than 200 delegates from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary, Austria and Romania, representing companies in the fields of shipping, forwarding, logistics, import-export activities, insurances, as well as local authorities.

The Romanian Embassy in Serbia, the steady and active promoter of Constanta Port Day event, was represented by H.E. Daniel Banu, Ambassador of Romania, and Mr. Stefan Imre – Minister Councilor.

"Romania and Austria, as the main initiators of European Union Strategy for the Danube Region, have been strongly supporting this project to the benefit of the countries in the region to enjoy the opportunity of developing important projects of common interest”, undelined the Romania Ambassador, Daniel Banu.

This year, NC Maritime Ports Administration SA Constanta has introduced a new format of the event, involving „business-to-business” meetings, a more vivid and effective concept to promote direct contacts among the participants.

Thus, companies looking for new business opportunities were able to present their activity and services in a new and fresh manner to their potential business partners.Year by year, Constanta Port Day has been attracting an increasing interest, that has made it into the most important transport event in Serbia and a highly representative one in the countries within the hinterland served by the Port of Constanta.

Since 2007, when Constanta Representative Office in Belgrade was established, the aim of promoting and attracting beneficial partnerships with Serbian companies has became of utmost importance.

Cooperation between Port of Pancevo and Port of Constanta

On September 25, 2014 Port of Pancevo and Port of Constanta signed a Memorandum of Understanding that provides the cooperation between the two ports in matters of maritime and river transport and also a commercial partnership.

The memorandum was signed in Belgrade by Ms. Sanja Djurisic, the General Manager of the Port of Pancevo, and Mr.Valeriu Nicolae Ionescu, CEO of the Constanta Port.
"This MOU opens the way to new development projects and Pancevo Port, in cooperation with the Port of Constanta, is one step closer to EU integration," said Sanja Djurisic.

Contract signing

Within the project of the Serbian Ministry of Transport “Development Strategy of Water Transport in Serbia 2015-2025”, Constanta Port is indicated as being an important partner, as its strategic position in the Black Sea and its hinterland connections offer the possibility of developing grain and bulk cargo traffic, with the future prospect of substantial container traffic.

Traffic of goods between Romania and Serbia, through the Port of Constanta has increased significantly in recent years. For the first seven months of this year, Constanta Port registered a total traffic of 2.5 million tonnes, of which 1.5 million tonnes the river traffic. The main cargo types transported and operated were cereals (1.1 million tonnes), followed by iron ores (725,000 tonnes).

Mr. George Gabriel Visan, Commercial Director of Constanta Port, stated that regarding 2013, "a total traffic of 6.8 million tonnes is an excellent outcome of the cooperation between our countries."

Initiative for a Container Line Serbia - Russia, through the Port of Constanta

During the event, the representative of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Milos Kosanic, stated that, based on the excellent relations of cooperation between the two countries, the initiative of starting a shipping line between Serbia and Russia, through the port of Constanta, needs to be analyzed and supported.

Vladan Misic

"This form of cargo transport would be cheaper than road and rail transport," said Milos Kosanic. In this respect, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia has already sent a draft of proposal to the Russian Trade Representation in Serbia.

The river-maritime port status of Constanta Port is one of the significant advantages of the economic relations between Serbia and Romania. Valeriu Nicolae Ionescu, CEO of Constanta Port, pointed out that “due to the Danube, Constanta Port can be considered the maritime link for the Serbian economy. We have major competitors in the Black Sea and the hinterland, but its strategic position, the infrastructure and facilities of the Port of Constanta are most reliable advantages for our partners in Serbia and beyond."

The interest for each edition of Constanta Port Day event in Serbia indicates a positive message regarding the development potential of the Romanian-Serbian bilateral relations in terms of intermodal transport, port of Constanta providing a more efficient transport alternative and significant savings for the transit of goods from the Far East and also a transit alternative for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Mr. Vladan Mišić, representative of Constantza Port in Serbia declared:

I am very glad that "Constanta Port Day in Belgrade” was so appreciated by our Serbian partners and companies from this region.

This year we changed a little bit format of the conference and introduced a B2B session.
I think it was good idea and we will keep it for next years.

This traditional event became the most important in transport field, which is confirmed by the increasing number of participants every year.

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