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When are we going to visit private doctors with a health book? – We are presenting you Topic-focused newsletter " Cooperation of public and private health sector"

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Business portal of eKapija published Topic-focused newsletter "Cooperation of public and private health sector " which is bringing:

Zlatibor Loncar, the minister of heath: It is not a moment for health insurance reform Dragan Delic, Head of Serbian Medical Chamber: We need new health policy

Jasmina Knezevic, Founder of General hospital Bel Medic: Private doctors arepartners to the state

Public health sector: Waiting list decraese is the priority

"ID card" of private health institutions underway

Voluntarily health insurance: Need or luxury

Private chosen doctor: Facilitation of primary health care

Health tourism: Spas, dental sector and aesthetic medicine are the biggest aces

You can also find out in which private institutions for now you can get medical care with valid health book,why medical institutions’ accreditation is important, how countries in the region organized cooperation with private practice, how private drugstores manage in public system as well as which new things private health care practices offer in medical diagnostics, therapy, technology, etc.

You can download the overall newsletter content HERE.

eKapija’s topic-focused newsletter "Cooperation of public and private health sector " is the first topic-focused newsletter, new and exclusive eKapija’s product. By the end of the year,eKapija will publish two topic-focused newsletters more in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources fields and next year we are planning to deal with important topics in foreign trade, banking,logistics, IT industry, etc.

Through topic-focused newsletters, we want to dive into every topic, to consider more aspects of burning issues, to produce referential material which reflects current situation in a specific field and considers possible developmental directions.

We would like to invite you to become a part of topic-focused newsletters: present your work and services you offer at the market, plans for the upcoming period, give your overview of the topic and additionally increase your visibility with our portal’s readers.

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