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Cows for sale online − Two programmers create Farmia online livestock exchange

Programmers Miloš Milić and Srđan Stupar have moved the livestock exchange online by launching a website called Farmia .

After many years of working together in various companies and on projects for a large hotel chain in the United States, Srđan and Miloš decided to start their own business, combining the possibilities that the Internet provides with the livestock market.

“I spent part of my life in the countryside near Negotin where my family was in livestock breeding. We only sold livestock within a small radius of a few villages. Like other small farmers that make up about 98% of Serbian agriculture, we had to sell livestock to the closest local slaughterhouses and dealers, which is why we rarely got the right price for it. This made me look for a solution”, Miloš Milić explains.

Startup Academy had a major role in making the initial idea come to life by helping these young people find investors who put EUR 50,000 into their project.

Farmia has made it possible for customers to search for livestock of all kinds whenever they need it from the comfort of their home or office, without having to wait for livestock market day. According to the authors of the website, this also makes it easier for producers because they can sell without difficulty and unnecessary costs at the price they agree, not one imposed by local dealers.
All information on the animal and the farm are already available to customers on the website. But this is just the beginning.

”The idea is that customers will be able to specify what they need on the website, so we can inform them automatically. All services are free of charge for now, but we will soon introduce some kind of subscription. Our goal is to promote this application in the United States as well”, says Milić.

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