Source: eKapija | Sunday, 10.08.2014.| 22:19
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Bridge at Vinca gets to Pancevo – City Council puts rail through Misa into operation

The City Council of Pancevo unanimously adopted the proposal of the Detailed Regulation plan for a part of the highway and railway bypass around Belgrade .

The plan implies that a part of the freight railway road connects to the existing rail which goes from the Refinery and thus through Misa so that it would merge after that with the rail to Vrsac. The Assembly of the City members will have the final say on the plan. The Assembly is scheduled for August 13.

The plan implies that the highway and the rail across the bridge at Vinca get to the Pancevo territory, first of all in Starcevo where the highway and the rail would split. The highway would continue towards north where it would merge with the Pancevo – Vrsac road while the rail would continue down the refinery direction through Misa until the railroad in Pancevo-Vrsac.

This section caused the Misa citizens’ protests during the previous months. They do not want a rail which will transport hazardous substances, passing next to their houses.

Parliament members should consider, the Detailed regulation plan at the next meeting and in order to become effective, at least 36 assembly members must vote for it. As Sasa Pavlov, Deputy Mayor, said, all parties comprising the authority in the city agree the rail section should be relocated but they agreed they must stick to the law and senior plan documentation, RTV Pancevo reports.

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