Source: Tanjug | Thursday, 07.08.2014.| 08:33
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Boeing turns tobacco into fuel

(Photo: Aleksandar Parezanović)

Boing together with South African Airways and the Dutch company for production of SkyNRG bio fuel is working on turning tobacco grain into airplane fuel.

The Dutch company is working on the production of hybrid tobacco kind without nicotine called Solaries in the South Africa Republic and they are expecting that the bio fuel production could start in a few years, there companies announce, as France press reports

- In the beginning, tobacco seed oil will be turned into airplane fuel and in the next years, we expect that we will produce bio fuel from other parts of the plant – the companies announced.

Bio fuel which is used in airline industry, produced from renewable energy sources such as plants can decrease hazardous gasses emission for 50 to 80%. Since 2011, when the use of bio fuel was allowed in planes, the companies carried out more than 1.500 flights using that kind of fuel.

Earlier this year, Boeing announced that with partners from the Middle East it is working on production of bio fuel from desert plants watered with sea water.

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