Source: Beta/Blic | Friday, 11.07.2014.| 10:28
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Fiat 500L won't go easily to Russia - Moscow still refuses to agree to duty free export of few products

It won't be easy to expand the reach of free trade with Russia to include Fiat 500L, cigarettes and old cheese, said Serbian Prime Miister Aleksandar Vucic.
According to him, task forces will be formed to decide on the amount of mineral rent that the Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) pays in Serbia.
- We spoke about NIS and the mineral rent and agreed that these problems should be solved by those who're working together. We agreed to form task forces to deal with the problems - Vucic told the Serbian national broadcasting corporation RTS in Moscow.

When asked if Russians, whose Gazprom Neft was the majority owner of NIS, would still be paying a mineral rent of 3%, Vucic replied that the things were more complex than that. He added that previous authorities had made a bad arrangement.

- We will manage to change even such a bad arrangement and make it better - Vucic claims.
Asked if and how NIS would take over Pancevo-based Petrohemija, Vucic said that allegations that Serbia would give Petrohemija as a gift to Russians were nonsense.

Vucic also claims that the Russian side had promised him to consider the expansion of the reach of free trade with Serbia to include Fiat 500l, cigarettes and old cheese.

- We also talked about large shopping center in Moscow and the involvement of our construction companies in such projects - said Vucic.
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