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Bakery industry AS - Braca Stankovic acquires Futoska pekara – Pozarevac-based production to start in September, company is planning to take over another department in 2014

Novi Sad-based Futoska pekara became a part of Bakery industry AS – Braca Stankovic where 40 people more will be hired and we are negotiating the purchase of another section by the end of the year, Dragan Stankovic, company president and an owner of Pekarske industrija AS - Braca Stankovic, said for eKapija.

Apart from departments in Begaljica and Novi Sad, bread and bakery products from this company are produced in Pekara Kikinda, Gradska pekara Sabac and Zitostig Pozarevac. A total of RSD 100 mil was invested in Sabac because the entire facility was rennonvated and new machines were supplied. In Sabac-based department, 37 were employed as many as in Kikinda-based bakery. Works on development of Pozarevac-based bakery are in progress.

Although AS – Braca Stankovic modernized sections it bought, as they say, they kept traditional products of bakeries they took over, adapting production to most modern standards they nourish in business.

Novi Sad-based department produces some 20.000 units in a shift as much as one shift in Sabac does. Kikinda-based bakery produces 15.000 units while production of 40.000 units is planned for Pozarevac-based department.

- Our objective is to hire 75 people more by the end of the year and reach daily production of 200.000 bakery units. This way, we will be the first ranked in the bakery industry of Serbia – our collocutor points out, explaining that by the end of 2014, sections of AS – Braca Stankovic will have a total of 400 workers.

From bread to Kikinda-made strudel

A family, domestic bakery AS – Braca Stankovic has been operating since 2002 when it was set up as a small workshop. After 12 years, the company became the second bakery industry in the country which covers 60-70% of Serbian market with its products and distribution, operates with more than 1000 customers, 2500 unloading places and 140 delivery vehicles.

The product line of Pekarska industrija AS - Braca Stankovic comprises more than 100 different bakery products such as different kinds of breads, Kikinda-made strudel, packed breads, etc.

On June 17, at the press conference, new vitas bread was presented.

All products signed by AS – Braca Stankovic are available in 1.200 retail chain shops such as Aman, Idea, Maxi, Nikola Dendic d.o.o, Gomex, Kastrum, Angropromettranskom and Trend.

New visual identity

Journalists were presented with the new visual identity of the company and packaging redesign. As the company announces, in line with that, development of points of sales when it comes to bigger retailers was planned, such as branding and points of sales equipping and it is also planned to open of another 500 points of sales for important retail chains.

- We are aiming at better and more efficient communication with customers whose satisfaction can be summed up in a company slogan: AS Braca Stankovic – I love it! – Belgrade-based company says.


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