Source: Politika | Thursday, 01.01.1970.| 10:14
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In Dubai, until 2008, another 300 artificial islands to be made, if you have millions of dollars and fly by airplane over them, you will see - map of the world

In the very vicinity of Dubai, another 300 islands are gradually surfacing. They will form unique shape in the sand, which, when looked from above, looks like map of the world. In less than two years, from the beginning of works, 60% of islands were lifted from the bottom of the sea. They have already sold 40 islands, including 14 islands that represent Australia. These islands were bought by Kuwaiti consortium, which plans investment of 3.5 billion USD in real estates and development of tourism. For average of 25 million USD the buyer can buy small island of several hectares. Lifting of the islands is carried out by fleet of 30 ships, which clean the sea bottom of the Bay by means of dredge. Entire job should be completed by 2008. When the project is over, "the World" will be 63 square kilometers big.

Nakhil is controlled by the leaders of this emirate and it is in charge of strategy for attracting of tourists by mega projects. One of them is "Palm" - the second group of islands in shape of palm trees whose construction is underway. Besides, another big project, which is also in progress, is called "The Docks of Dubai ". According to brochures, it will be "bigger than Manhattan and Beirut". This time, the city with half a million inhabitants will be built on the artificial islands.

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