Source: Novosti | Thursday, 01.01.1970.| 14:14
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Construction of first Serbian tyre recycling factory in Obrenovac

The automobile, truck and tractor tyres, about 20,000 tons of them, are stored on the lot of Vlada Tanasić from Krtinska near Obrenovac. He has been collecting old tyres for the last four years and, in less than four months, the first factory for recycling of waste tyres will be put into operation on this location.

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Tanasić has obtained the support from Municipality of Obrenovac, the Chamber of Commerce of Belgrade and the Ministry of Science and Ecology. He expects to get part of the money from the Development Fund of Republic of Serbia. In order to put the factory into operation, he needs about 3m EUR. With about 20,000 tons of tyres, the factory can work for two years.

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- Nobody in Serbia has ever decided to recycle tyres. The factory will be working according to the principle of mechanical processing, without chemical agents - Tanasić explains and adds that about 9,450 tons of tyres will be recycled on annual basis, which will result in production of 3,600 tons of steel wire and 400 tons of cotton. This project is 100% ecological.

The first ecological factory for recycling of tyres will have 30 employees in three shifts. Four workers will work on the production of granules. The annual profit of this factory is estimated to about 2m EUR. The rubber granules are, first of all, intended for foreign market and export.
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