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LJAJIC: Serbia plans to export USD 6 billion worth of food

Rasim Ljajic (Photo:

The Serbian government plans to generate an FX revenue of USD 6 billion from food exports in 2015 and USD 10 billion in 2020, Minister of Foreign and Domestic Trade Rasim Ljajic said April 15.

He said at the opening ceremony of the Foodrex Culinaria International Food and Drink Fair that in order to fulfill these plans, it was necessary to use 100% of Serbia's food production capacity that was unfortunately not exploited to its fullest.

Ljajic specified that edible oil factories in Serbia currently use 50 percent of their capacity, sugar plants - 25%, confectionery industry - 40%, meat industry - 30%, and the fodder industry - 34%.

According to Ljajic, the UN Food Agency (UN) too has recognized Serbia as a significant food manufacturer and the world's second largest plum producer.

- Serbia is the world's third largest raspberry and grain flour manufacturer, fourth largest goose pate producer, fifth largest clover grower, sixth largest chicken liver producer, seventh largest cherry and beet manufacturer, and the ninth largest quince producer - Ljajic pointed out.

He reminded that agriculture and the food industry of Serbia accounted for 17 percent of the country's gross national product.

Ljajic specified that Serbia's 2013 trade in agricultural and food products with the rest of the world totaled EUR 3.3 billion.

According to him, the international food and drink fair in Belgrade that brings together over 70 exhibitors from 15 countries represents an ideal opportunity to recognize Serbia as a significant food manufacturer.

Foodrex Culinaria is held at the hall 5 of the Belgrade Fair and will be open until April 17.

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