Source: Beta | Sunday, 02.03.2014.| 15:12

Sisu auto wants to take over FAP - Government negotiates sale of Priboj-based factory to Finns

Sisu auto from Finland is interested in taking over the Priboj-based automotive plant FAP, and the Serbian government should resume negotiations on that deal, the Working Group for FAP announced Friday (28 February 2014).
According to a release issued by the Serbian government, the Finnish company wants to become the sole owner of FAP and produce a highly specialized model of a truck for use in polar conditions, Sisu polar, in that factory.

Sisu auto made the initial takeover bid for FAP on February 24, stating that it would buy that company if all its debts were paid off and all its related companies separated. Sisu auto is ready to hire 600 workers from Serbia.

Sisu auto's special trucks are equipped with Mercedes-Benz engines and technology of the latest generation. Sisu auto also plans to place trucks produced in Priboj on the market of Russia as well as other countries where FAP once operated.
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