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RETROSPECTIVE 2013 – Investments in ENERGY that attracted greatest attention of eKapija users

(Photo: Suzana Obradović)

The eKapija investment team has recently done an analysis and formed a ranking list of investments and investment ideas that attracted the greatest attention of eKapija users in 2013. The results are very interesting, some are expected, but there is a plenty of surprises, which is why we`ve decided to share this information with you.

We present you the most interesting projects in the category of ENERGY.

In 2013, the first pipe on gas pipeline of South stream was welded, investors got 213 locations for construction of mini hydro power plants, and contract on construction of the first big, energy facility in Serbia after thirty years was signed. However, the construction of the biggest solar park did not start. In a word, those would be positive and negative topics you were interested in in 2013.

This year started with the critics of the energy sector in our country. The EU Parliament is not satisfied with Serbia’s progress in practical implementation of the renewable energy sources framework in 2013. The European Parliament expressed worry for objectives for OIE by 2012 will not be fulfilled in Serbia.

Investors were also worried last year. One of their concerns was the model of the Contract on renewable energy sources which the Ministry of energy adopted in July, which is not acceptable by banks which means investors could not have closed their projects’ funding.

However, the Ministry of energy, development and environmental protection promise that this year will be the year of energy. Let us have a look at the list of the projects some of which will be implemented in 2014 so we hope also to prove the “year of energy”.

(Photo: Suzana Obradović)

For the third year in a row, the story about the facility of 1.000 MW, totaling EUR 1, 75 billion cannot be moved from the first position. The interest of readers of eKapija does not cease when it comes to the largest solar park in the world which should be built by Luxembourg –based Securum Equity Partners This year, this story was the breaking news because the investor threatened to sue the state because it did not stick to contractual obligations, i.e. it did not provide essential 3000 ha.

The second ranked on our list shows that not everything is so dark – mini hydro power plants became a huge energy story. The first good news for investors in OIE arrived in February when the Ministry of Energy announced public call for approvals and energy permits for the mini hydro power plants construction on 317 locations in Serbia. In July, companies were entitled to 213 locations, and at the end of last year investors got an opportunity to compete for 143 locations more for the construction of mini hydro power plants.

(Photo: Aleksandar Parezanović)

Our country has high hopes for the construction of gas pipeline South Stream for which the first pipes were welded November 24 and the story brought numerous controversies so it provoked increased number of readers and the third place.

The announcement of the construction of the third block of the Kostolac B thermal power plant totaling EUR 715,6 mil promises this year might be key year for energy sector. After three decades, our country will start construction of a big energy facility which definitely deserves position number four.

September was convenient for the start of construction of fifth-ranked 102MW wind park in Plandiste in which investors, the Oil Industry of Serbia and Energowind, are going to invest EUR 160 mil.

The sixth place went to gas-driven thermal power plant built by NIS for the needs of supplying its Refinery and HIP Petrohemija with electricity and thermal energy. The Oil Industry of Serbia will invest in this facility of MW a total of EUR 182 mil. The facility construction should end by 2016.

Modernization of 20 heat power plants, which make 70% of the distant heating system, worth EUR 60 mil takes the seventh place.

The eighth position goes to solar electric power plant in Kladovo whose construction Solaris Energy started in July and the first solar block from Kladovo-based company has already started functioning.

Another solar electric power plant drew our readers’ attention and it is about the facility of 2 MW which started functioning early this year. The Solar Matarova company headquartered in Novi Sad, founded by Belgrade-based Gascom Balkan, built a solar power plant totaling some EUR 3-4 million in Kursumlija. That investment was also at the last year’s list of most read and won 9thposition.

The tenth position went to a municipal project which should be implemented through public-private partnership. Of course, an investor is required. The Nova Varos municipality presented at the big investment conference in Moscow a co- generative biomass facility for CHP production. It should total some USD 15 mil, a million of which would be provided by municipality and the rest by a private investor.

The 11th place goes to the PConstruction of biomass-driven cogeneration bioenergy plant which would serve distance heating in Senta and produce "green" electricity.

Take a look at the complete ranking list of investments in ENERGY and compare it with your own thoughts, estimates and expectations.

Companies: Beograd
Ministarstvo rudarstva i energetike Republike Srbije
Vlada Republike Srbije Beograd
Evropski parlament Brisel
OneGiga Solar Park Incubator d.o.o. Beograd-Novi Beograd
EBRD London
Gazprom Moscow
NIS a.d. Novi Sad
JP EPS Beograd - Ogranak TE-KO Kostolac
CMEC Beijing
Energowind d.o.o. Vršac
NIS MET Energowind d.o.o. Beograd
SEWEA Srpsko udruženje za energiju vetra
NIS a.d. Petrol Rafinerija nafte Pančevo
HIP- Petrohemija a.d. Pančevo
Solaris Energy d.o.o. Velesnica
ProCredit Bank a.d. Beograd
Gascom Balkan d.o.o. Beograd
Solar Matarova d.o.o. Novi Sad
Šumarski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu
USAID projekat održivog lokalnog razvoja
Windvision Operations doo Beograd
Opština Kuršumlija
Gradska uprava Požarevac
Skupština opštine Kladovo
Opština Plandište
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SO Nova Varos
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Faculty of Forestry Engineering Belgrade
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