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DIS CEO, Zoran Tirnanic - Businessmen of the Year - Award Ceremony of the Club of Economic Journalists, 28 January

The jury of the Club of Economic Journalists, unanimously decided to give the award `Businessmen of the year` to Zoran Tirnanic, CEO of DIS, while the Gold Medal for Enterprises belongs to the company " Siemens Serbia ".

According to the explanation of the Club of Economic Journalists, this has been the year of big economic challenges and constraints which have marked the low level of liquidity and caution when it comes to new investments, businessmen had difficulties in settling all obligations to the state and employees and with all that, they managed to record positive operating result.

- Some of them, find their way in the gray zone, which is shown by the data that the percentage of those who work illegally or partially operating in the legal channels is between 50 and 60 %. However, there are also those companies and entrepreneurs who have decided to boldly sail the stormy waters of the Serbian business thus proving that in the not too stimulating business environment, one can survive. The living proof of that are the laureates of the Club of Economic Journalists, who have marked with their business, the year of 2013 .

In the category of public enterprises, the award will be given to "Elektrovojvodina" , or the Director-General Srdjan Kržuvić, while Dr. Daniel Boehi from "Bambi" is awarded for the preservation of domestic brand "plazma". Junior Manager of the Year is Milos Markovic, Director of LAD group . "Tetra Pak " company will receive the recognition of fifty years of successful business in Serbia.

Plaques and Awards Manager of the Year will receive : Robert Hollo , owner of "Hollo Company "for investing in a factory for the production of agro pellets; Radomir Ivanovic, from the company "Voćar Palanka," for application of science in agriculture, Mirko Petrovic of the company "Aks express Kurir" in category of services, Srdjan Kovacevic of the company "Beocapra" for investments in manufacturing and processing of goat milk, Bogoljub Milic from " MiMi " for production of distillates from indigenous varieties.

"Philip Morris International" will be given the award for social responsibility/ donations for the project " Run for the job."

At the suggestion of journalists covering culture, `KPN` jury has decided to give the award `Manager of the Year` to the artist Jovan Kolundzija, director of the Guarnerius Fine Arts Center, while the Golden pen traditionally awarded to business journalism belongs to Stefan Despotovic reporter of "Politika".

Recognition "Gordan Ranitović", named after the founder of the Club of Economic Journalists, will receive Nenad Blagojevic , journalist and editor of the magazine "Lisa".

Awards ceremony will be held on 28 January in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

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