Source: Politika | Thursday, 01.01.1970.| 10:52
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CSM Internacional to build houses according to "Canadian recipe"- apartment for €20,000 !

At the moment when the pockets of those who would love, more than anything in the world, to buy apartment are so shallow that none of the banks cannot satisfy them with their "attractive" loans, Vladan Babić, president of the Factory of decorative façade elements CSM Internacional from Kraljevo, will ease the pains of the "homeless" at this-year Building Fair, which is held from April 26 to 30, 2005, in Belgrade.

This economist, together with the team of experts from Canada and partners from the Factory of Glass Fibers Eteks Fiberglass from Baljevac, has the houses built according to "turn key" system for €200 per square meter and incredible one-month deadline for moving in!

Those who would love to have house from a fairytale, a palace, castle or chateau, will pay somewhat bigger price – €250 per square meters, which is much cheaper than the houses built by building companies of heavy materials, concrete blocks and not to mention that one has to wait for completion of such houses for very long time and that one square meter costs €350 - €500.

In order to enter the list of the interested in procurement of apartment, which already contains about 260 future apartment owners, it is necessary that the owner has building lot, that he built the foundations and provided supply with water and electricity. Everything else, from the floor to the roof, with various colors and decorations in 330 models that are installed on the façade or the walls inside the apartment, and over 36 different types of window and door profiles, is obtained from CSM and Eteks Fiberglass.

Besides the new prefab facilities, the hosts developed building of the annexes on the flat roofs, which is absolute trend in the capital for the last few years. And not only that. Those who wish so can obtain house that looks like "karingtonka", as well as models with slanting roofs.

Manufacturers and contractors took one step further, meaning that the buyers of the houses of 100 square meters for €20,000 will be able to choose the type of the bathroom tiles, the color of the sanitary elements, or the type of floor. Which is most important, this kind of prefab houses are healthy for living, they are attested in Canada, where Babić, as he says, got the idea to start their construction in Serbia.

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