Source: Dnevnik | Thursday, 01.01.1970.| 13:47
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Company "JAT Airways" sells old airplanes

Air transportation company "JAT Airways" has decided to get rid of the aircrafts that are not in the use in the air transportation for a long time, so that it announced a public call to all interested in the purchase of eight airplanes: three of type "DC 9" and five "B 727".

These are the airplanes from the fleet of "JAT Airways" and they are not in the operative use.

About two years ago, the management of "JAT airways" tried to sell these airplanes. There was no condition on that occasion that the buyer must buy the entire "package". However, there was no one interested in the old "flock".

According to the present announcment, the aircrafts are sold as seen and the potential buyer must deliver the offer for all eight airplanes, because they can only be bought "in package". The announcement does not contain the price of the "package". There is only the deadline that the bids can be delivered prior to November 24, 2006.

It is most probably that these old aircrafts will end on some of the specialized dumps for collecting and further resale of aluminum. That is, most likely, the most rational solution, because the experts point out that it is not remunerative to invest in these airplanes and make them ready to fly since these are the airplaned that became worn-out long time ago.

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DC 9
B 727
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