Source: Beta | Friday, 05.07.2013.| 11:31
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PKB forms company for generating power from biomass - EUR 7.9 million investment

Poljoprivredna Korporacija Beograd (Agricultural Corporation Beograd - PKB) announced Thursday that it had registered a new company - PKB Zelena Energija (PKB Green Energy), which will be engaged in the production of energy from renewable sources, that is, biomass.

The establishment of this company is one of the first steps towards the implementation of an agreement signed 19 December 2012 between the Serbian government, the Swiss government, and the City of Belgrade on a donation for the Combined Heat and Power Plant project in Padinska Skela that will use biomass as a fuel.

The new CHP plant will have a capacity of 4 MW of heat and 0.6 MW of electricity. It will be using biomass from PKB fields to generate "green energy".

The total value of this investment is EUR 7.9 million. Of that amount, EUR 2.58 million will be spent on the construction of the CHP plant and another EUR 2.58 million on energy-efficiency measures, whereas infrastructure development will cost EUR 2.57 million.

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