Source: Glas javnosti | Thursday, 01.01.1970.| 12:27
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Investments in Novi Beograd in scope of NIP - renovation of Museum of modern arts and swimming pool 11.april, construction of athletic stadium and hall

Total of 2.64m EUR have been approved from the National Investment Plan for year 2006/2007 for implementation of 14 projects on the territory of Borough of Novi Beograd. Major part of these means, 1.6m EUR, will be invested in the reconstruction of swimming pool "11. april". Health Center will get 445,000 EUR, the cultural institutions and libraries will obtain nearly 210,000 EUR, the primary and secondary schools will receive 201,000 EUR for procurement of computers, nearly 133,000 EUR will be set aside for the sports courts and swimming pool "20 oktobar" and 52,000 EUR will be spent on the office space of the Tax Administration. Additional 3.5m EUR from the NIP have been assigned to the Museum of modern arts on the basis of the independent project for adaptation.

Amount of 3.5m EUR has been approved for the first phase of reconstruction of the Museum of modern arts, whereas about 8m EUR would be required for the works. Gorica Mojović, the assistant to the Mayor, pointed out that that money was intended for adaptation and creation of elemental conditions for work in that institution. However, the capacities of the Museum, built 40 years ago, became insufficient.

After broadening, which should be the final phase of the reconstruction, the space will be obtained for keeping of values that Museum owns and the conditions will be created for storing and presentation of of the new values, which are mostly digital pieces of art. Everything will, however, start from the basic things - installations that are hidden in the very structure of the building have not been rehabilitated during all these years. The works will start in June 2007 from the depot and the Museum will remain open during realization of the works.

Swimming pool "11. april" is also the priority. Both City and Municipality used to invest in its rehabilitation, but that was not enough. Now, both indoor and outdoor swimming pools will be reconstructed, as well as locker rooms, water filters, etc. Also, the heating system, which represented the biggest expenditure, will be organized on this occasion.

Many projects in the capital have national interest, so that they are under the jurisdiction of the Republic. However, the coordination body has been formed at the level of the City that, as Vesna Raca Radosavljević, the member of the City Council, explains, should accelerate processes for obtaining of building permits, approval for locations and similar documents. Borough of Novi Beograd had more projects than any other borough and it recognized what the citizens need.

The Athletic complex with the indoor hall, outdoor stadium that can hold 10,000 people and some additional sport section will be built in the Block 45.

Goran Kreclović, the City Secretary for Sport and Youth, announced construction of the tennis courts, for which the locations were sought, and the adaptation of the hall in the Students' City and he added that the city would set aside 7.65m CSD for sports facilities in Belgrade.

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