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Serbian scientific sites progress – Opening of the technological park Zvezdara in June 2013, Nis is getting ready to start construction

Technological Park in Zvezdara

Belgrade`s "Silicon Valley" is finally finished. After long waiting, Scientific and Technological Park in Zvezdara will open in June, eKapija finds out at the PMU, which is responsible for monitoring the Serbian "scientific construction site."

- Scientific and Technological Park in Zvezdara je u fazi neposredno pred primopredaju radova. Očekuje se izlazak komisije iz Uprave za vanredne situacije, koja treba da utvrdi da li su u objektu primenjene sve odgovarajuće mere protivpožarne zaštite. Nakon toga, sledi dobijenje upotrebne dozvole, tako da je otvaranje parka očekivano tokom juna 2013. – kažu za "eKapiju" u JUP-u.

- Scientific and Technological Park in Zvezdara is in the stage immediately before the construction works start. The Commission for the Administration of extraordinary situations is expected to visit it which should check whether appropriate fire protection measures have been undertaken. After that, permit will follow so that June 2013 should see the opening – PMU said for eKapija.

The idea for the project of the Scientific and Technology Park (STP) on Zvezdara is several decades old, and the location was chosen because of the proximity to the Institute Mihajlo Pupin. In this area is in 1989, the construction started, a concrete structure was set up and then more than 20 years nothing has been done. The project was initiated again in 2011.

The future magnet for high-tech companies in the world which should replace India and Russia for Belgrade, according to earlier estimates, is about EUR 13 mil worth and will be the center of knowledge and new technologies-based development.

STP in Novi Sad
(STP "Zvezdara")

Its essence is cooperation of commercial sector and universities, and it is intended for companies of different sizes. One part of the space will bring together small start ups, which mainly arise from successful scientific projects, while the other one is intended for large companies, which will open up development department here, and they need a big space.

- The building is designed as an office space for and the interest is huge - PMU said.

Novi Sad by the end of 2015

Scientific site on the other side of the Danube is making progress as well. The Government of Serbia, within the Strateg of Development and Support to IT industry, has recently annoi Sad is due by the end of 2015. A few companies from China have already expressed their interest since Novi Sad with FTS e the IT core in Serbia.

- The first stage in Novi Sad has been completed and it provides necessary infrastructure for the Faculty of Technological Sciences in Novi Sad. The second stage in under way and that part of the complex will be for technological companies - PMU said.

STP in Novi Sad

New industrial zone instead of TEHNIS

- Construction of NTP near technical faculties in Nis was supposed to begin at the end of last year, but the craftsmen have still not arrived on field. However, as they say in the city government, the project has not been abandoned, and detailed regulatory plan of the area is being designed.

- Preparation of project for the construction of science and technology park in Nis is coming to an end – PMU confirms.

Science and technology park in the Nisava will occupy, as announced, around 10,000 square meters, and will be built in office space for rent, with outdoor and indoor parking space, conference rooms and meeting rooms, space for a recreation users, cloakroom, toilets, restaurant and exhibition area of 150 m2. This scientific-technological park, as announced by the Government in the Strategy for the Support of IT industry, will be completed by the end of 2015.

Although until recently there were rumors that citizens in Nis will get another technological park, they can expect a new industrial zone instead. The City of Nis has given up on building TEHNIS within the Electronic industry complex and, as announced a couple of days ago, they consider that two scientific-technological park are unnecessary.

STP in Nis in the future

The plan is that public-private enterprise manages the industrial zone, i.e. non-privatized factories, as well as complete infrastructure. Companies will be enabled both green field and brown field investments, and since privatized factories mostly have small capacities (Cegar, X-ray apparatus factory is the only one which still has larger premises), mainly small investors are expected.

NTP in the electronics industry should have become alive in mid 2009, on about 10 acres of land, with 14 factories and the total area of 103,000 m2. Nothing happened and therefore this space remained empty.

Scientific and technological parks in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis are funded by the European Investment Bank loans. This means, as well as with the Development Bank of the Council of Europe, the main building of the University of Novi Sad, Natural Center in Svilajnac and research station Petnica were rehabilitated with these loans.

Milica Stevuljevic

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