Source: RTS | Sunday, 21.04.2013.| 11:21
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Agreement reached in Brussels - Dacic and Thaci initial draft agreement, final response from Belgrade on April 22nd

(Catherine Ashton and Ivica Dacic)

The tenth round of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue is over and Serbian and Kosovo PMs Ivica Dacic and Hashim Thaci have initialed an agreement.

B92 has learned that the 9th point which refers to the police is unchanged while the 14th point that referred to Kosovo’s membership in international organizations has been "altered."

- All suggestions made by Serbia have been accepted, I initialed that this is the proposal of the text, on whose adoption or rejection both sides will declare themselves in the coming days - Ivica Dacic has told reporters.

According to Tanjug, he explained that article 14 has been amended to remove the statement that Serbia must not block Kosovo in international organizations, and that the article now "only states that Serbia must not stand in the way of Kosovo's European integration process."

EU High Representative Catherine Ashton, who facilitated the rounds of the talks between Belgrade and Pristina, said on Friday the talks had been completed and both sides initialled the agreement, and that they would inform Brussels about their decision to accept it.

B92 learned earlier that it was still unknown when and if the agreement would be officially signed.

The agreement has not been made public yet. It is only known that it contains 15 points and that two of them – point 9 that refers to police in Serb-populated areas and point 14 that refers to Kosovo’s membership in international organizations, were especially disputable.

Dacic said earlier that Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci had tried to change point 14 so it would oblige the two sides not to block each other in the international organizations.

He said that it would mean that Serbia would have to allow Kosovo to be a member of the international organizations which was unacceptable to Serbia.

Thaci, on the other hand, said that Serbia could state its wishes but that the reality was different.

- In the agreement that Ashton proposed, Kosovo is given the right to be represented in regional and international organizations, to become a NATO member but also the UN - he noted.

Click here to read the text of the draft agreement.

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