Source: Novosti | Thursday, 01.01.1970.| 12:09
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Miodrag Stojković obtained live mother cells from rejected, dead embryos !

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Miodrag Stojković and his spouse Petra, with the team of experts, worked over the last year at the University of Newcastle on the project for revival of live mother cells from the rejected, dead embryos. Now, the mother cells obtained from such "rejected material" have the same features and potential as the ones from the live embryo cells.

Stojković calls this sensational discovery "Serbian", because it took place under the wing of Serbian-Italian company ""Sintocel Srbija" Leskovac, which he formed with Italian pharmaceutical company Sintofarm ( that donates equipment worth over 1m EUR to the Clinic in Leskovac.

Starting October 1, 2006, Stojković and his spouse and partner Petra will continue their scientific work in his native city of Leskovac, where, with the help of the local authorities, he founded the Clinic for artificial insemination and mother cell research.

Mr. Stojković also gave some explanations about these embryos: "These are the embryos that stopped to function in the early development (only 8-16 cells) and they are always rejected because they are considered dead. About 50% of embryos stops development for the unknown reasons. From such embryos we managed to get mother cells that are undifferentiated (pluripotent). We used them to obtain nerve cells, liver cells, marrow cells, muscular tissue cells" .............

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