Source: Tanjug | Thursday, 01.01.1970.| 14:45
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"MV Investments" sold its stocks of "Novosti" to company "Stadlux"

- Broker company "MV Investments" has sold the entire package of stocks of Company "Novosti" to company "Stadlux Realestate d.o.o." from Belgrade and that domestic company is now the biggest stockholder of "Novosti" with 32.89% of stocks - said the general manager of "MV Investments" Dragijana Radonjić - Petrović.

She explained that "MV Investments" had sold 14.24% of stocks of "Novosti" from its portfolio and she, personally, as a physical person, had sold her 60 stocks. She also pointed out that the sale had been realized at the unchanged price at which they had been bought, which is 289,488 CSD per stock.

Asked why that broker company decided to sell stocks of "Novosti", Radonjić - Petrović explained that in that kind of ownership structure, when there were small number of sellers of stocks, as well as buyers, it could not be expected that their price would increase soon.

On the other hand, there are also other stocks on the market, for which "MV Investments" estimated that they were more profitable, so that the means for the procurement of those stocks were provided through sale of the stocks of "Novosti".

Asked to estimate whether the stocks of "Novosti" will be enlarged in the future, Radonjić - Petrović reminded that, since "Stadlux" and "Ardos Holding GmbH" from Austria owned more than 25% of stocks of "Novosti", they were obliged by the Law on takeover to announce the public offer for takeover of all stocks of that media company and she is of the opinion that that is the way they will take.

According to the official data from the Central Registry, the biggest stockholder of "Novosti" is "Stadlux Real estate d.o.o." and it is followed by Republic of Serbia with 29.5% of stocks and "Ardos Holding GmbH" with 27.03%, whereas the others own less than 1% of stocks.

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