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RETROSPECTIVE 2012 - Investments in ENERGY that attracted greatest attention of eKapija users

eKapija`s investment team has recently done an analysis and formed a rank list of investments and investment ideas that attracted the greatest attention of eKapija users in 2011. The results are very interesting, some are expected, but there is a plenty of surprises, which is why we`ve decided to share this information with you.

We present you the most interesting projects in the field of ENERGY.

Investors in renewable energy sources were very worried in 2012 because the state announced feed-in tariff cuts, so that new incentives for the generation of electricity from "green" sources were eagerly awaited. A positive novelty in the Regulations on incentives for privileged electricity producers is that the amount of incentives will be adjusted to the Eurozone inflation once a year.

Considering that the Energy Ministry adopted new incentives as late as 24 January 2013, we are yet to see investors' reaction and how many of the planned projects will be implemented in 2013.

The greatest attention is attracted by what is deemed grandiose, and our readers' interest in a EUR 2 billion solar park project has not declined for the second year in a row. In late 2011 Securum Equity Partners from Luxembourg announced the construction of a solar power plant with the installed capacity of 1,000 MW in the south of Serbia. In 2012 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the Serbian government, the company moved into offices in Usce Business Center and announced that the installation of solar panels in several locations would commence in the spring 2013. All this secured this great project first place on our list.

RWE's projects rank second. Representatives of the Germany energy giant and the Electric Power Company of Serbia (EPS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation in the energy sector in September 2012. RWE reached an agreement with the EPS to build Nikola Tesla 3 Thermal Power Station and a hydroelectric power station on the Morava River, with the total value of both projects exceeding EUR 2 billion.

The third-ranked investment is a 300 MW wind farm that Continental Wind Partners (CWP) plans to build near Kovin. Although it was said that the US company would give up its EUR 450 million investment in Serbia if feed-in tarrifs were reduced, we've learned from people at CWP that they are not abandoning the Cibuk wind farm project.

Construction of South Stream gas pipeline, which is to transport Russian natural gas through the Black Sea to Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia and further to Italy, which is an investment worth EUR 16 billion, commenced in December 2012 at the Russian coast of the Black Sea. However, although the start of South Stream construction in our country was announced for January 2013, we still wait for the building of this gas pipeline to kick off. This project ranks fourth on our list.

Construction of 10 small hydroelectric power stations on the Ibar River, worth EUR 350 million, will commence in mid-2013. This project, which ranks fifth, was agreed upon in October 2012 at a meeeting between Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic and Gaetano Maccaferri, president of the Italian industrial group Maccaferri.

How to use solar energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? An answer to this question is given by PhD Vladan Petrovic, a scientist and inventor, who has returned to his birthplace Badnjevac near Kragujevac after completing a professional training in the field of energy in Germany. With support from his London-based partners, Petrovic has built a pilot plant he claims to be unique in the world.

This plant, which ranks sixth, attracted the attention of the representatives of 19 countries, and professor Petrovic was also visited by the current president of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic, during the election campaign.

Wind generators in Plandiste rank seventh on our list. Investor Wind Park Plandiste has got a permit to build EUR 3.22 million worth of wind generators. The other news related to the use of wind energy in this municipality in Banat is the one about an agreement signed between the Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) and Energowind on the takeover of a 50-percent stake in the wind farm construction project in Plandiste.

The eighth-ranked investment is Gazprom's first filling station in Serbia, which was opened December 2012 on the road to Pancevo in Belgrade. As it was announced, there will about 30 of them by the end of 2013. NIS will operate the network of Gazprom filling stations, which will include about 100 of them in the Balkans by end-2013.

After Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Austria's GL&A Holding has decided to keep on investing in renewable energy sources in the region by making an investment in our country, in a biogas power plant in Ilandza, which ranks ninth. This EUR 14 million power plant should be put into operation in early 2013.

The tenth-ranked investment is the largest solar power plant in Serbia, with the toal capacity of 2 MW, which was commissioned early this year. The Solar Matarova company, headquartered in Novi Sad and founded by Gascom Balkan Belgrade, began the construction of a solar power plant near Kursumlija in April 2012. Italy's Gascom announced an investment in another four similar plants across Serbia, as well as an investment in biomass power plants.

The eleventh-ranked project is a wind generator near Negotin, worth EUR 60 million, which should be built by Vat Energia.

The news that the EPS and the Lotika company have signed an agreement to form a joint venture to co-finance and participate in the construction of two solar and two hydroelectric power plants as well as a biomass power plant, with the total capacity of five megawatts, ranks twelfth on our list.

The thirteenth-ranked project a EUR 5 million solar park that the German company S-Tech Energie plans to build in Backa Topola, whereas Energoobnova's biomass-powered thermal power station ranks fourteenth. The fifteenth place goes to Strauss Adriatic's boiler room that uses coffee chaff briquettes to generate heat.

Take a look at the complete rank list of investments in the category of ENERGY and compare it with your own opinions, expectations and assessments.


Companies: Beograd
Securum Equity Partners Advisory & Operations Beograd
MX Group South East Europe d.o.o. Beograd
Vlada Republike Srbije Beograd
OneGiga Solar Park Incubator d.o.o. Beograd-Novi Beograd
CBS International Beograd
Ministarstvo rudarstva i energetike Republike Srbije
RWE AG Nemačka
Ogranak EPS Termoelektrane Nikola Tesla- TENT d.o.o. Obrenovac
Javno preduzeće Elektroprivreda Srbije Beograd
Energoprojekt Holding a.d. Beograd
SEWEA Srpsko udruženje za energiju vetra
Continental Wind Serbia d.o.o.
JSC Gazprom Neft Moscow
JP Srbijagas Novi Sad
Wind park Plandište doo
Energowind d.o.o. Vršac
Pokrajinski sekretarijat za urbanizam i zaštitu životne sredine Novi Sad
Mašinski fakultet Beograd
Biogas Energy Alibunar
Opština Alibunar
Energoobnova d.o.o. Beograd
GLA Holding GmbH Austria
Opština Negotin
Opština Plandište
NIS a.d. Novi Sad
Fond za razvoj Republike Srbije Beograd
Institut za nuklearne nauke Vinča
Lotika d.o.o Užice
Opština Bačka Topola
Solar Matarova d.o.o. Novi Sad
Strauss Adriatic d.o.o. Šimanovci
Maccaferri / Seci Italija
Vat energija d.o.o. Novi Sad
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NIS Novi Sad
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