Source: Pregled | Thursday, 01.01.1970.| 14:07
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Czech engagements in Serbia. From humanitarian activities to investments in traffic, power plants, civil engineering, mines, ecological projects

Czech Republic is highly engaged in SCG, i.e. Serbia, on the projects for rehabilitation and humanitarian aid since 2002 when Czech Republic brought program "Rehabilitation of the Balkans" for the projects for humanitarian aid and rehabilitation. It set aside 500 million CZK (about 14 million USD) for that purpose. Of total investments in that program, SCG obtained 70% for 18 projects.

Namely, the Government of Czech financed and approved several project for humanitarian aid, among which were delivery of 30 million CZK worth of small and mid-size buses to Belgrade, rehabilitation of Steam Power Plant 5 Kolubara A - 15,7 million CZK, for tram spare parts in Belgrade - 21 million CZK, and it also delivered 7 buses for intercity and city transportation in Belgrade - 15 million CZK.

Other projects have also been realized. The projects in question are for estimate and liquidation of ecological and civil engineering damages in Novi Sad, as well as rehabilitation of road and railroad bridges in Kragujevac and 20 million CZK will be needed for implementation of each of these two projects.

There is also investment of 18 million CZK in reconstruction of vacuum distillation in Novi Sad, as well as in elimination of ecological damages in HIP "Petrohemija" Pančevo.

Amount of 9.8 million CZK has been invested in 4 locomotives, 38 million CZK have been invested in the part of the project for reconstruction of hospital Dr Dragiša Mišović in Belgrade and 20 million CZK in both second phase of "Žitomlin" in Spuž and reconstruction of "Soko" mine. There were also investments in lodging of the refugees - 3 million CZK, as well as in rehabilitation of ecological damages in Novi Sad - 20 million CZK.

Engagement of Czech-based companies "Inekon" and PBS Brno in the projects for development of trolleybus transportation in Kragujevac is also very significant. The Government of Czech Republic approved donation of 2 million CZK (€65,000) for design of study in 2003. In 2004, 1,8 million CZK was approved, while another 2 million CZK has been promised in 2005.

These two companies took part in tender for Heating Plant in Valjevo and they have designed detailed technical offer. They are ready to include Serbia-based companies in the implementation of the project. "Inekon" and "Goša" are supposed to take part together in the tender for trams in Belgrade. "Inekon" is interested in privatization of factory "Goša"-šinska vozila.

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