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Break from work in homey atmosphere - What makes Zlatnik different from other hotels in Belgrade?

My city has finally got something so good, luxurious and perfectly stylish that it simply feels great to send a foreigner there and then listen to her or him thanking you for the perfect choice of accommodation you've recommended - this is what a woman from Belgrade wrote about Zemun-based Zlatnik Hotel on Trivag, one of the most popular hotel rating websites.

In order to make sure that what our fellow citizen speaks is true, eKapija has visited this hotel in the heart of Zemun, nestled among family houses in this part of Belgrade.

Viewed from the outside, Zlatnik Hotel resembles a large Srem-style house that almost impeccably fits in the environment, while the interior is what gives away its true uniqueness. It is already clear at its entrance that the hotel exudes a unique style, unusual for local hotels. Large steps, spacious hall bathed in light, discrete music and stylish furniture add a fabulous tone to the first impression. Everything is made of natural materials - the space is dominated by marble, wood, wrought iron, abundance of natural plants and flowers, paintings by famous artists and carefully chosen details. The atmosphere is warm and homelike. We are greeted by a porter at the door, who is kind and more than willing to accommodate us appropriately. It can already be concluded at this point that the staff's communication with guests is excellent. They are trying to find out every little thing about their guests and their habits to make their stay in the hotel as comfortable as possible.

Similar to the entrance hall, corridors on each of the three floors are spacious and well-lit, and they all feature a resting corner with a stylish desk and chairs, where guests can relax, talk with each other or have a meeting. Since the carpet is red, this color dominates corridors that resemble small art galleries due to a large number of paintings on their walls. As we learned, there are about hundred paintings in the hotel.

Rooms in this hotel are spacious and bright, with their impeccable interior dominated by beige and other warm colors. The bed looks irresistibly comfortable. We remember a comment left by a girl at Trivago saying that the room in Zlatnik is of the same size as her flat and that she has a feeling that "tiny people get down to work when the guest falls asleep, so that everything is in perfect order in the morning." Every room has a mini bar, hairdryer, cable television and wireless internet. The entire hotel is technically equipped in line with the highest standards, and it also comprises a conference room and a mini business center.

Ninety-five percent of guests are foreigners, mainly business people. They don't need to go far to get familiar with the Serbian tradition. The hotel restaurant on the ground floor offers local cuisine specialties and a broad range of Serbia wines. Aside from this international restaurant, the hotel has another one - Zlatnik Kej, at the Zemun quay.

We arrive at the restaurant right on time for breakfast. All baked goods are prepared by a woman called Mila, whose working day starts at 4 AM. Everything that is possible to prepare in this space is prepared here: baked goods, compotes, jams and more than 1,000 kilograms of ajvar (relish mainly made from red bell peppers) per year. They also offer us homemade cookies with our coffee.

Relaxing in a warm atmosphere at the hotel restaurant, where people can really feel like at home, we are not worried that we may be late somewhere, given that the hotel is only 6 kilometers away from the city. It is also close to the Zemun quay and the center of the Belgrade borough, but the piece and quiet of this homelike atmosphere is not disturbed by anything. We can hear some light music, smell the scent of baked goods as it spreads through the restaurant, and see the waiter smiling. Breakfast is almost served.

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