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International healthcare company Synevo takes over Belgrade-based Beo Lab - Investment of EUR 5 million and 300 new jobs by 2016

Synevo, one of the leading providers of medical services in Europe, has taken over Belgrade-based Beo Lab laboratories. With this aquisition, Serbia has become the tenth country in which this international healthcare company operates.

Over the next five years, Synevo will invest EUR 5 million in Serbia and quintuple the number of employees at Beo Lab.

- There is a business plan envisaging an investment of about EUR 5 million and the creation of additional 300 jobs within the next five years - Beo Lab CEO Marko Pazman says to eKapija.

This company currently employs 60 people. For the time being, they work in four laboratories, but Synevo now plans to open more than twenty new laboratories in the Serbian market.

- Beo Lab currently operates in Belgrade and Nis, while a laboratory in Kragujevac is to be opened soon. We are the first laboratory in Serbia to be accredited with the European standard ISO IEC 15189 and ISO 9001. The merger with Synovo should lead to the opening of 22 new laboratories for microbiological, biochemical, hematological and other analyses across Serbia. The plan is also to open additional laboratories in Belgrade and to cover Novi Sad with at least two laboratories – says Pazman.

Being the first

(Philippe Ballero and Marko Pazman at the press conference at Square Nine Hotel)

Synovo has 295 laboratories in 9 countries. As Synevo CEO Philippe Ballero explains, they decided to enter the Serbian market because the laboratory market is fragmented, there is still no international laboratory in Serbia, and none of the existing 180 laboratories in the country is distinguished from the others or considered the biggest.

- Talks with laboratories in Serbia took almost three months and ended with the signing of an agreement with Beo Lab. We've established that this laboratory achieves the best results. Also, our interests match, so we could together create an excellent platform to become the leading laboratory in Serbia - says Ballero.

Synevo annually performs more than 40 million tests in its laboratories. According to Ballero, same standards, equipment and methods are in use in all laboratories, in both eastern and western Europe.

A common goal of Beo Lab and Synevo Central Lab in Serbia is to offer users high-quality laboratory analyses at an affordable price.

- At this moment, Beo Lab's offer includes about 500 different analyses. Aside from basic tests, there is also an advanced technology in all fields of diagnostics. What we see as a benefit from the merger with Synevo is the fact that we will be able to use all its potential and offer the market the most advanced tests that are currently not available in our country. There is also a broad spectrum of researches and analyses, things that are not profitable to do, so that even the government sector in our country doesn't and won't do them - says Pazman.

When asked if there is a possibility of Beo Lab and Synevo taking over another medical laboratory in Serbia, our interlocutor replies:

- It should not be said that something like that cannot happen. If it is in the interest of both companies, then why not, such moves can be made. Our plan now is to expand by opening laboratories, and if there is a chance for us to quickly increase the number of our users, new acquisitions may occur.


According to European surveys, Synevo is the No. 1 choice in Germany, Romania, Moldova, Belarus and Poland, and it has recently expanded to the markets of Turkey, Bulgaria and Georgia. The company's turnover in nine countries amounts to EUR 160 million, 50 percent of which is generated in Germany.

This company is also a member of the Medicover Group, the leading private healthcare organization in central and east Europe. The Medicover Synevo Group employs about 10,000 people and is part of a humanitarian fund helping the most endangered people around the world, especially kids.

Ivana Bezarevic

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