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Why is good to invest in Municipality of ALIBUNAR and why are some locations in local industrial zones special

Municipality Alibunar

Overview: The municipality of Alibunar is located in the south of Banat region, on the railway path Belgrade-Pan;evo-Vršac-Romania. It is 55 km away from Belgrade and covers the area of 602 km2. The territory includes the following settlements: Alibunar, Banatski Karlovac, Vladimirovac, Dobrica, Ilandža, Janošik, Lokve, Novi Kozjak, Nikolinci, and Seleuš.

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Population: According to the census from 2002, in the municipality there are 22,869 inhabitants, out of whom 56% are Serbs. Romanians account for 26.47% of the total population, which makes the municipality the largest Romanian-populated community on the territory of Vojvodina. Serbian, Romanian, and Slovak are official languages. In 2005, there are 1,980 unemployed persons.

Economy: In the municipality agriculture is the most developed branch of economy. There is a well-known agricultural and industrial complex in Banatski Karlovac, construction material industry, and meat processing and canning factory. In the "Deliblatska Peščara" sandpit, the largest sandy area in this part of Europe, there are famous hunting grounds in conifer, black locust and poplar woods.

Infrastructure: The municipality is intersected by the motorway Belgrade-Vršac-Romania thoroughly reconstructed in 2005, and by the international Belgrade-Vr[ac-Bucharest railway tracks. On the verge of the municipality flows the Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal, while the municipality itself is intersected by roads totalling 82 km in length.

Tourism: In the municipality there is a unique desert area - picturesque germ of nature - the "Deliblatska Peščara" sandpit. When the Pannonian Sea waters had withdrawn, they left the layers of sand. In addition to this tourist attractiont, of great interest is also "Devoja;ki bunar" (Girl`s Well), whose water temperature is 26 °C, which makes it an important natural thermal spring and one of the most significant tourist localities in the municipality.

Investment Locations Catalogue

Location 1

Industrial Zone - West, Alibunar

Total area 23 ha

Site description
County road R 125 and 0.5 km from the road M 19. There is a railway coming trough the location. Electricity and water supply systems are in the vicinity.

Location 2

Industrial Zone, Banatski Karlovac

Site description
Eastern working zone on the road Alibunar - Vršac.


Mr. Milan Ćuruvija, Mayor,

Stanjo Pavel, Assembly Head
Address: Trg slobode #4, 26310 Alibunar
Tel. +381 13 641 031
Fax. +381 13 641 544

or :

Vojvodina Investment promotion Fund VIP

Zmaj Jovina 4/1, 21 000 Novi Sad

++381 11 472 19 20, 472 32 40, 472 32 41

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