Source: Južne vesti | Friday, 27.07.2012.| 14:10
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Hram obtains permit for stone coal exploitation in Jerma mine at Babusnica

Famous coal mine Jerma at Babusnica, where one of the first Yugoslav movies was recorded, could soon start operating again.

Members of the municipal assembly allowed Pirot-based privately-owned company, Hram, to exploit stone coal which is considered to be one of the highest quality in Europe.

More precisely, it was in 2004 that his company got consent of the Ministry of Mining and Energy and the local authorities has now given to Hram approval to use the right to enter three ponds of the mine in Ratkita village.

According to experts' estimation, stone coal from the Jerma mine is among the most quality in Europe. After the procedure for the mine opening was started and numerous experts' analysis of the Belgrade Faculty of Mining and Geology, it turned out to be very quality stone coal with stone coal alloy, which cement factories, forges and heating plants need very. The estimated reserves are up to 100 million tons.

Mine Jerma was closed in 1964 but remained famous for the first ordered movie in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1929, The Miner's Happiness, directed by Josip Novak, a director from Zagreb.

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