Source: eKapija | Monday, 18.06.2012.| 11:40
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Swiss model for long-term stability - 75% of Belgrade citizens worried about financial future of their family

As many as 60 percent of the polled citizens of Belgrade still traditionally believe that an individual can ensure his or her long-term financial stability by buying a real estate, and not through savings or insurance like in developed countries. At the same time, 75% of those who have recently taken part in Basler's poll dubbed "Secure World" are worried about the financial future of their family. The results of this poll have been presented at a round table organized with the aim of drawing attention to the best ways for preserving citizens' financial stability during an economic crisis.

As it was pointed out at that round table, on the global scale, insurance is one of the most often recommended ways to achieve and maintain a desired stability in addition to saving money in a bank. According to aforementioned poll, a third of the citizens of Belgrade trust only certain insurance companies, while nearly 70 percent believe that stability and tradition are the most important features of a trustworthy insurance company.

- Financial stability is achieved through careful maintenance of competitiveness, forecasting of main trends, continuous planning and cautious and well-considered handling of money - said Erwin Hofer, the ambassador of Switzerland, which as many as 70 percent of the polled citizens of Belgrade consider a country with the most secure financial system.

- Considering the current economic crisis and citizens' low purchasing power, it is not odd that most of the polled Belgraders do not save their money in a bank or that, unlike the population in developed countries, only 11 percent of the Belgrade citizens believe that a long-term stability can be ensured in that way - Dr Vladimir Medan, chairman of the Managing Board of Basler Serbia, said on that occasion and added that "that is why it is necessary to use the Swiss model and educate the population to offer them reliable solutions for a peaceful future."

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