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Medical treatment without waiting list - Euromedik opens General Hospital in Belgrade

Nenad and Natasa Zlataric with their staff

A new private hospital was opened in mid-March in Visegradska street in Belgrade. After the dust from the red ribbon cutting ceremony settled, eKapija visited Euromedik to ask Director Dr. Nenad Zlataric to present this contemporary medical center to our readers.

This 10-floor facility spans a total of 2,500 square meters and comprises 40 offices with 20 diagnostic and 20 stationary beds.

Dr. Nenad Zlataric points out that the new facility is only a result of many years of continuous experience in private medical practice.

- The idea emerged from a need of certain group of users for receiving top-quality medical care without waiting for it. The Euromedik system exists for 12 years and consists of four medical institutions: a health center in New Belgrade, two polyclinics at Slavija square and General Hospital in Visegradska street. There are about 50 medical experts working at this hospital, including a large number of university professors. In cooperation with the National Employment Agency, 25 nurses and technicians have got their first job at the hospital in Visegradska street - says Zlataric.

Nenad Zlataric

Speaking about medical equipment, he points out that the hospital has a state-of-the-arts MRI machine equipped with a software for imaging the whole body and some special programs for imaging the breasts and the heart.

- The hospital offers citizens complete ultrasound diagnostics as well as CAT scanning, mammograms and all kinds of specialist examinations.

One of the services offered by this hospital is a physical examination for employees. There is also a special package of services for managers.

- According to the recommendations of the World Health Organizations, all persons aged 30 and above should have a physical examination at least once a year.

This contemporary medical center was built in line with specific medical and construction standards.

- It took three years to finish the construction because it was necessary to built 10 floors spanning a total of 2,500 square meters and equip them with up-to-date equipment and installations. Four out of these 10 floors are under the ground. The author of this project is the Faculty of Civil Engineering, whereas the interior was designed by Marija Vrndic - says our interlocutor.

Dr. Nenad Zlataric

Dr. Nenad Zlataric graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade with the GPA of 9.45. He completed a specialist training in internal medicine and cardiovascular ultrasound diagnostics. He runs Euromedik together with his wife Dr. Natasa Zlataric. He is 44 years old and has four kids.

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