Source: | Tuesday, 07.02.2012.| 14:29

Mercedes invests EUR 30 million in factory in Macedonia

Macedonian Foreign Investment Minister Vele Samak confirmed that Germany's Mercedes would soon invest in Macedonia.

- Negotiations with the government are in their final phase, and representatives of Mercedes are now choosing the location for the future factory - the Skopje Utrinski Vesnik daily cited Samak as explaining.

According to his words, Veles and Kavadarci are offered as possible locations, and the total investment will amount to EUR 30 million.

- The German car maker plans to hire a total of 4,000 workers and start a specific training as early as this autumn, so that the production could commence in spring 2013. They announced that 400 people would be employed for a start - Samak specified.

The Macedonian Foreign Investment Minister said that Mercedes would be producing electrical and cable installations for its C-class vehicles, adding that the entire production was predestined for export.

The Macedonian Foreign Investment Ministry has recently announced that 10 foreign investments will be implemented in the Republic of Macedonia in 2012.

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