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Most popular stories in Who Is Who column - List of persons who drew greatest attention of eKapija's readers in 2011

Some people draw our attention by achieving good results in their business, some are interesting because they lead an exciting private life, while others are recognizable for their affairs or for the brands they've created. We know some of them to be great athletes or good businessmen, but there are also certain people who are not so famous... All of them are given a chance, and eKapija's readers have chosen the most interesting persons in 2011. Here is a list of the most popular interviews we did with celebrities in 2011 and published in the column Who Is Who.

Jovana Brakocevic (Photo: mozzart sport)

The first position on the list for 2011 is again held by a woman. Unlike the year 2010, when Milka Forcan's life story was the most read article in aforementioned column on eKapija, the biggest attention of our readers last year was drawn by the story about the volleyball player Jovana Brakocevic. The women's national volleyball team has regained its former glory in the last few years. Jovana Brakocevic, MVP of the 2011 European Volleyball Championship in Serbia and Italy, at which our national team won the gold medal, is declared the best female athlete in 2011 by the Olympic Committee of Serbia. These are only some of the reasons why this successful athlete is on the top of our list.

(Zeljko Mitrovic)

How and where was he being poisoned, what happens with his yacht in Croatia, is Tanja Vojtehovski leaving the "pink" television, will TV Pink be deprived of Grand Show... These are only some of the questions that the public asked in 2011, thus putting Zeljko Mitrovic, owner of TV Pink, in the spotlight during the whole year. He did not hide that he had got a Bentley car worth EUR 100,000 from a German countess while being treated for aplastic anemia in that country, which Ivan Ivanovic used to make jokes about the nature of relationship between the countess and Mitrovic in his talk show. The owner of TV Pink has recently stated that 2011 was one of the most difficult years in his life, but he has managed to keep his television among the most popular TV stations in Serbia.

(Rodoljub Draskovic)

Rodoljub Draskovic continues to draw attention of our readers - he fell from last year's second position to this year's third. He owed RSD 975 million in early 2011 and then paid the debt, claiming that no money was transferred from Komercijalna Banka to his company's account. And then he left for Switzerland because he was not satisfied with the business conditions in Serbia. Swisslion announced that the production would not be moved out from Serbia, adding that the company would continue to produce 40 tonnes of Eurokrem cream a day. It was also announced that the company in Gornji Milanovac had commenced the construction of a business and residential building, that Trebinje-based Tool Industry might be privatized, and that Mitros would declare bankruptcy, while eKapija's readers wondered who the man mentioned in all these texts was.

The fourth-ranked is the businessman of the year - Miroljub Aleksic. The president of Alco Group won this traditional award of the Club of Business Journalists in late 2011. His company opened a EUR 35 million hotel in Arandjelovac in May 2011, which later won some significant tourist awards. Even an aqua park was opened after that.

Miodrag Kostic also drew the attention of our readers with his numerous business activities ranging from the acquisition of Carnex and opening of a silo in Ukraine to an attempt at taking over the shipyard in Apatin.

In this period of economic crisis and financial turbulence in our country, the person who is constantly in focus is Minister of Economy Nebojsa Ciric.

The story about former member of the national karate team and owner of the company Bozic i Sinovi attracted positive comments from our readers. In one of our interviews we presented, among the rest, the business path of Jovica Bozic - from a tire repair shop, via a software company listed on the London Stock Exchange, to the construction of a villa complex on the Adriatic coast.

The readers of eKapija were also interested in learning who opened the first discotheque in Belgrade, earned for a Ferrari at the age of 22, organized over 300 concerts of Korni Grupa band, and now owns three hotels in the capital city. It is Bata Hreljac, and the reason for him being so intriguing may be the fact that he does not like to expose himself to the public.

When we talk about the way to solve illiquidity problems, issues in Partizan, Metalac's exports, we have to mention him. All those who read the story about Dragoljub Vukadinovic know what kind of person holds the position of the chairman of the Managing Board of Metalac holding, adviser of the Serbian government, vice president of the Football Association of Serbia, and vice president of Partizan.

Court affairs are always interesting, which is why Minister of Justice Snezana Malovic has made it to our list. Lepa Brena drew the attention with her concert in the Belgrade Arena and in Bulgaria, as well as with the news from her private life.

Playing the part of Riki in the series "Cvat Lipe na Balkanu" and godmather in "Nepobedivo Srce" (Invincible Heart), Natasa Ninkovic won the hearts of TV viewers last year. She also played the role of Hedda Gabler in Ibsen's namesake play, for which she won the award Rasa Plaovic.

Thanks to Sasa Plecevic, specialist doctor of anesthesiology and reanimatology, many people who he taught how to live healthy and with a smile have lost weight. The readers of our web portal were again interested in finding out what kind of person was hidden behind the nickname Doctor Feelgood.

For those who did not know who got the idea for Rex coffee, Marbo company, Que Pasa restaurant, Aleksandar Palas hotel, Ice Cream Factory company, we presented Radosav Komadinic.

Rank lists for other categories for 2011 are also very interesting, and you can see them in the column Who Is Who - Time Machine. You can also find a retrospective of the column Who Is Who on our portal for the previous three years - 2010, 2009, 2008.

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Mitrosrem a.d. Sremska Mitrovica
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Božić i sinovi d.o.o. Pančevo
London Stock Exchange / Londonska berza
Barby diamond Beograd
Metalac a.d. Gornji Milanovac
Vlada Republike Srbije Beograd
Valjaonica bakra a.d. Sevojno
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