REBEC 2024 in Belgrade on June 11-12 – New world mosaic

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The AI-generated illustration made in response to REBEC’s question “How will Belgrade look in 3024?” (Photo: AI generisana fotografija)The AI-generated illustration made in response to REBEC’s question “How will Belgrade look in 3024?”
Belgrade is welcoming representatives of international companies from over 40 countries of the world for the 17th year in a row. The leaders of the leading companies from the fields of real estate development will meet on June 11-12 as part of one of the leading events in southeast Europe – REBEC 2024.

Through 24 thematic panels, they will discuss the burning topics from the fields of the development of hotel management, retail, office space, logistics, industry and apartment building, as well as all the current things within the legislation, alternative forms of financing, the impact of artificial intelligence and climatology on the development of real estate.

During those days, Belgrade will become the world capital of architecture, visited by the most prestigious names in this profession, who are increasingly present in the local markets, negotiating about jobs right here in our capital city. Special focus will be placed on the trends of modern urban planning and architecture, a holistic approach to planning and its implementation.

Another important topic will be EXPO 2027, because no similar even has taken place in Europe in the past ten years in terms of specialization, size and importance. It could be said that EXPO 2027 is at the level of hosting the Olympics, while, in terms of organization, it exceeds the importance and scope of the FIFA World Cup.

The participants in REBEC come from the following companies: Bogl Architects, Chapman Taylor, Reiner Schmidt, ReardonSmith Architects, Design International, Puricell Design, Multipraktik Design Studio, EVOZOME, Kooperativa Studio, AOC, MM Real Estate, SquarePlan, Cushman & Wakefield Czech Republic, Atrium Property Services, NKO, Stonedge, MVJ Advokati, BigShefs, MPC Properties Germany, Tokata, Avalon Real Estate, Energy Concept, Reify, mstep, Accor, Hyatt, Radisson Group, Horwath HTL Srbija, Eurostars Hotels, Beyman Group, PlanRadar, Koton, Ecovis SEE, WE Consult, alfa real estate, Erste Bank Novi Sad A.D, Leko Architects, Intesa Banka, Delta Real Estate, Walvius, Eurasian Real Estate B.V, JYSK, IO Partners, B Devet and many others.

New world mosaic

In today’s, later post-covid time, which has brought a high level of uncertainty, international conflicts and inflation movements, many questions intersect at one point. The world as we know it is changing rapidly and significantly, like a butterfly. The upcoming metamorphosis, just like the rapid changes in the regulations, is already visible, although the true dimensions of those changes are still beyond the scope of our vision.

As for the REBEC program, all those trends will be the topic of conversation – from the implementation of ESG standards, through the reduction of carbon emissions and the raising of energy efficiency (precisely because of the Paris Agreement and the EU regulations, but also due to the demand and the interest of the tenants and investors themselves), to geopolitical topics.

We can also see that a certain number of development projects were stopped at the banks when the ESG rules were rated, so they were sent back to try again, so the topic of training and the implementation of ESG is very current.

Modern technologies, which include artificial intelligence, but also those whose solutions place climatology first, will be presented. There are more and more entrepreneurs who are seriously taking the climate change and its impact on real estate development into consideration.

The projection of the climate impact on facilities for a period of 30-50 years (when they are due for full amortization) is increasingly implemented and the question of the scope of the impact of the climate change on the sustainability, efficiency, operability and quality of the built facilities, all the way to the time when they are to be “written off”, is posed with increasing frequency.

This topic should be taken seriously, because when we say climate change, we see that they have a considerable negative impact, from the temperature and humidity increase on one hand, while in other corners of the world, there are precise confirmations of the extension of dry periods, but also those with great floods.

In that sense, the European engineering legislations have focused on favoring a greater utilization of natural materials, especially wood and stone, in the material and functional content of the investment projects in real estate development. In the post-covid period, the topic of the energy sustainability of the plant, in the sense of the balance of production and consumption, especially from renewable sources, has been launched.

Where are we compared to the region and the wider surroundings?

Belgrade is rapidly preparing for EXPO 2027, the construction of the new fairgrounds and the accompanying residential complex has started in Surcin, entrepreneurs are intensively exploring locations for new hotels, service apartments, branded residences and membership clubs. There is information which confirms the trend that, on the stretch of the western part of the ring road around Belgrade, especially in the direction toward Surcin, an increasing number of bigger locations, until now non-cost-effective unsustainable, are developing in terms of urban planning for smaller continental resorts. According to the model of service apartments of branded residences, the parcels are split into separate units, where each one has its pool. These will be closed-type complexes, fully sustainable and healthy in terms of energy and ecology. Here we have an opportunity to see the holistic approach in practice.

It is not impossible that, by the beginning of EXPO 2027, the first championship golf project with 18 holes and side features ends up being built in the Belgrade area. In that case, Belgrade would appear on the world map by that criterion as well. That would meet the expectations and needs of not just the foreigners who live and work here, but also the small golf community in Serbia, which has so far had to look for, visit and use such features in the neighborhood.

Of course, the activities toward the improvement of the quality and the capacity of the traffic and utility infrastructure must not stop. The influence of the accompanying urban development will be especially current and have a colossal impact on the development of the construction industry.

Also, an inevitable topic is also what happens after EXPO 2027? Will Belgrade manage to maintain the growing trends then as well, and will business nomads still rush to Belgrade with their families and what will the demand trend be? Sooner or later, at one moment, tendencies reverse from the positive ones start and one should prepare for that. Projections based on firm statistics can be extremely valuable.

Compared to the surrounding real estate markets, proportional to the populace and the GDP, Serbia is slowly but surely climbing to the top of the regional list as acceptable and sustainable from the aspect of favorable business risks, the degree of the return on investments and an adequate quality of the provided services. To be fair, at the moment when the inflation is now lowering at the desired pace and when the price of capital in banks is still high, there is an opportunity for alternative real estate financing products. In addition to promotion, there is also a need for education and presenting the rules in the realization of such products. The grandiose savings of citizens may be incited to “move to the market” from the banks. This will be neither easy nor quick.

In Serbia, “square meters” still hold primacy when it comes to investments.

Belgrade is the only major city in the region bordered by Milan, Istanbul, Budapest and Athens. That is why REBEC will make a modest contribution to this fact this year as well, hosting numerous regionally and internationally important speakers and visitors.

See you on June 11-12 at the Hotel Metropol Palace!

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