Mobi Banka becomes Yettel Bank

Source: PR Wednesday, 24.04.2024. 15:13
The first digital bank in Serbia is becoming Yettel Bank. Mobi Banka has unveiled its new brand and mobile application and announced an intensive preparation period until May 24th when it will officially become Yettel Bank. The major transformation is being achieved thanks to an additional capital of 33 million euros, which PPF Group provides to the Bank within the ongoing five-year investment cycle. A part of this planned long-term financial support has already been invested in the application and IT infrastructure. This announces a new era of digital banking that will change the financial sector as we know it.

– I am sure that there is no better way to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Our new brand and application will provide customers with what they deserve – the best customer experience. By creating synergy between the banking and telecommunications sectors, we have made great potential to expand our business model through exemplary practices – said Aleksandar Bogdanović, President of the Executive Committee of Mobi Banka, adding:

– I want to express special gratitude to the National Bank of Serbia, whose vision and motivation have built a stimulating environment without which our goal would not be achievable.

Aleksandar BogdanovićAleksandar Bogdanović

The Yettel Bank application, designed on the foundations of innovation, will be introduced in three phases. During the first phase, starting in early June, customers can expect a gradual introduction to some of the new functionalities in the Yettel Bank mobile application while the existing application remains available. This approach will provide enough time for customers to adapt to the innovations, among which biometric login is particularly significant as it will enhances security levels. In this phase numerous other functionalities will also be enabled in order to make the customer experience even more pleasant, such as dark and light mode and smart overview of active products on the application's home screen.

The second phase is to occur during the summer, after which only the new Yettel Bank mobile application will be available to customers. Alongside all existing modern designed functionalities and in line with innovative software solutions, this phase will include external payments to mobile phone numbers (option Prenesi). By the end of the year, the final phase of transformation will be realized, making the final version of the application available.

– In the last two years, since we have been operating under the Yettel brand, we realized that we share the same vision: to bring innovation to the Serbian market and make the digital world and banking simpler, easier, and more human. Now, we have a mobile service, a fixed segment, with a full portfolio of services for households, a variety of non-telco content in our Yettel app, and Yettel bank. With all this, we have a unique opportunity to develop an entire ecosystem of products and services, so that customers can satisfy all your tech, telco, and financial needs in one place – said Mike Michel, Yettel CEO.

Mike MichelMike Michel

Mobi Banka has crowned its transformation and announced further expansion and additional team enlargement, which already counts nearly 500 employees, with significant expansion of IT team and product development sector, both of which have grown by over 50% compared to the previous year. Thanks to such reinforcement, the Bank is embarking on a new chapter, celebrating a decade of commitment to digital orientation with almost 800,000 clients who daily reward its journey of improvement and growth.

Within the PPF Group, Yettel and Yettel Bank, as two separate companies, will continue to collaborate on creating an innovative, sustainable, and personalized user experience. With the new application, unique offers and transparent approach, Yettel Bank will be a bank on the move where technology gets a human touch.

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Yettel Bank: new brand and new app

  • Yettel Bank brand was presented on April 24, 2024, in Belgrade, as the successor of Mobi Bank, whereas, from May 25 of the same year, it begins existing officially together with the new app.
  • Yettel Bank is a fully digital bank whose goal is to become the choice number one for the populace when it comes to the banking services.
  • With a ten-year experience in the banking sector, Yettel Bank is launching a new app with which it wants to go a step further toward a better customer experience and push the boundaries of personalized banking services.
  • The new app introduces a range of new functionalities, whereas the majority of the existing ones, which the users have rated as useful, will be optimized and adapted to the newest software solutions and the modern design.
  • The functionalities will be introduced in three phases by the end of the year and the users will get an opportunity to gradually adapt and try them out.

I. In the first phase, which begins on May 25, both the old Mobi Banka web and mobile app and the new Yettel Bank mobile app will be available to the users, so that they would be able to adapt and try out new functionalities such as biometry and a six-digit PIN, “a smart view” which will enable for the users the visibility of all the available products on the front page of the app, a chat with the operators in the mobile app, or logging out from the app by shaking the phone.

II. During the summer, the second phase will be realized, in which the Yettel Bank mobile and web app will be available to the users exclusively. Some of the new features will be the option of applying for and having credits approved through the mobile app, as well as external payment through the mobile phone number (p2p)

III. By the end of the year, the third and final phase of the transformation will be realized, in which the final version of the web and mobile app and new functionalities will be available, such as filing requests for cash credits and the refinancing of cash credits, as well as digital cards.

The history of the bank

  • It was founded in 2014 as the first digital bank in Belgrade under the name of Telenor Banka Srbija, the first digital bank.
  • In October 2019, it was renamed as Mobi Banka as the Czech PPF Group became the owner.
  • In numbers close to 500 employees, who work each day to provide the best banking products and services to nearly 800,000 clients.

PPF Group

  • PPF Group is an international investment group founded in 1991 in the Czech Republic.
  • PPF Group was founded by Petr Kellner. Upon his death in 2021, 100% of the ownership was transferred to his wife Renata and their family. In June 2022, Jiří Šmejc started performing the function of the CEO of PPF Group.
  • It operates in 25 countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia, in telecommunications, media, financial services and e-commerce as its main lines of business and manages assets of EUR 40 billion.
  • Within PPF Group, Yettel and Yettel Bank are sister companies, whose joint mission is to create innovative, sustainable and digitally advanced solutions for customers by creating a synergy between telecommunications products and banking services.
  • These two companies will continue improving their partnership and implementing the best global practices adapted to the local market in the future as well.

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