Escape from work in Bogatić - The Thermal Riviera will provide you with relaxation and enjoyment

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Business obligations, meetings, responsibility and dedication to what we do can often lead to the so-called burnout syndrome, when we need to "switch off" and devote ourselves. Even if this is not the case, a quality rest for the weekend is important so that we can be ready for work again from Monday. That is why it is necessary to find a place that will be a "balm" for both body and soul. One of the best recommendations is a visit to the Thermal Riviera, located in Bogatić.

This place in the heart of Mačva is only an hour away from Belgrade and Novi Sad, while from Sremska Mitrovica, Šabac, Loznica and Biljeljina you can reach it in less than half an hour. Here you can, among other things, visit the Sovljak ethno park, the Radovan tower of Miliča od Mačva, the building of the old district head office, the Ilinje monastery.

The Thermal Riviera complex found its place here, and not by chance. Namely, it is about the hottest mineral spa in Serbia, with a water temperature of 75 degrees at the source. The complex is unique due to the geothermal water with exceptional balneological characteristics. At a depth of 771 meters, water with a temperature of 70ºC is drawn, which is used in the pools after cooling. During the colder periods of the year, its temperature can reach up to 40ºC, allowing visitors to enjoy swimming regardless of the weather.

This thermal mineral water is extremely healing. According to its chemical composition and characteristics, it belongs to the group of oligomineral sulphide homeotherms. It can also be successfully used for therapeutic purposes as a supplement in the treatment of inflammatory rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis, Bechtrev`s pain), extra-articular rheumatism (fibrositis, myositis, panniculitis, tendinitis), the consequences of trauma and the condition after bone fractures and surgical interventions on the bone system.

The Thermal Riviera offers you the possibility of overnight stays, as well as wellness and spa services. For all those who want to enjoy gastronomic specialties, the restaurant is at your service. A specially designed area for the youngest visitors, which is an independent entity with fun attractions and slides. This allows children to play and have fun in a safe and exciting way.

The right choice for team building activities

Thermal Riviera guarantees you health, relaxation and pleasure. It transforms a minus into a plus, relieves stress and improves mood.

That is why this particular complex is the right choice for team building activities. Thermal waters and additional recreational facilities make it an ideal place for organizing such events.

Here you can organize: swimming competitions, water games, recreational workshops, orienteering activities, relaxation and meditation.

Through a variety of team building activities, the Riviera pools become a place where fun, adventure and togetherness meet, leaving a deep and positive impression on all participants.

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