Source: Novosti | Thursday, 01.01.1970.| 10:36
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Students of architecture painted commencement of construction of Savograd (Sava City) - 35,000 square meters, 50 million EUR

Construction of exclusive suites and office space on surface of 35,000 square will start in Novi Beograd's Block 20, on the lot between Hyatt hotel, Intercontinental, Genex suites and building of Delta holding. The facility will be completed until the end of 2007 and it will cost about 50 million EUR. (

The commencement of works was unusual - instead of laying cornerstone, the fence of the building site was painted by 160 students of Architectural Faculty in Belgrade.

The lot is nearly 12,000 square meters big. The contractors are companies Neimar-V, Kemoimpeks and Irva investicije.

The business part would consist of two facilities with the triangle base, which would be separated by the Square, explained Ivana Videnov from company Neimar V. The third building, intended for suites, will have 11 floors and on its top, in the tower, there will be the most luxurious housing space. According to the plan, there will also be underground garage on two floors.

The architects who drew up the plans for the project are Mario Jobst and Miodrag Trpković. The preliminary solution for the Square and other external space were designed by professors Zoran Lazović, Vladan Đokić and Vladimir Milić.

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