Source: Novosti | Thursday, 01.01.1970.| 14:33
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The English also want a channel in Serbia, TV "Kosava" and "Happy TV" - joint frequenci?

The day after the two months deadline, by which time radios and televisin stations could apply for broadcasting of programs, appeared that some candidates did not express their participation all the way by the end.

It was also confirmed that in the race for nationsl TV frequenci had entered an international corporation CME (Central Media Enterprises), a media house whose owner is 11 televisions from 6 countries of South Eastern Europe, among whome the most popular are Croatian "TV Nova" and Slovenian "POP TV".

Asured that they had realistic chance to get tv frequenci in Serbia CME annnounced that the management and editing of this tv would be given to the experts from Serbia,

It is suggested that editorial concept of CME be commercial, with strong informational program, with a note that they would build a completely new television and not buy a share of the existing one.

All work in Serbia should be done by 'CME Serbia d.o.o." whose majority owners are a lawyer Milan Joksovic and economist whose in investment business Miroslav Cilas. Anyway, the head quarters of CME is in London and the biggest share holder is one of the most prestigious cosmetic houses Estee Lauder.

In the competition for the national tv frequenci also entered "ATV" (International television Studio A - Serbian tv network d.o.o.) It was founded by Association for business cooperation with Serbs abroad and the world, and on the initiative of our successfull business people across the world. Financing of the television would be secured by a consortium of commercials from abroad and from Serbia as well. However, the newley named and chief and executive editor, Miodrag Ilic, stays mysterious - Anonimity was asked by financier, and this is the way it will be untill the competition results are published. We entered in competition for national, but in any case, Belgrade licence. We consider that we can make an attractive commercial program, before all fun and with educational character, and then informational - says Ilic.

According to his words ATV has already protected some programs, and a crew of professionals is made. They are supposed to make a program that won't look like any other exisiting TV, the space is provided, but on which location, that Ilic didn't want to discover.

It is very interested the participation of TV Kosava and children's Happy TV. They offered in case of not getting individual licence for national coverage, a version of using one network frequenci on national level together. Children's happy program would be broadcasted from 6.30 AM to 6.30 PM, and then would began Kosava's program till the next morning of 6.30 AM. Besides the joint network, these 2 televisions wouldn't have anything in common - they would independetley produce, prepair and broadcast their program.

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